Open Question: Stomach Problems I'm Having..?

I don't have a clue what this could be a sign of but Lately I have been having Problems with my stomach.. like one day these kids at school told me that I'm like fat but I'm only 115 and I'm almost 15 so that's around normal but i didn't take it that way and i tried to starve myself... well then i tried to eat again and i started feeling like every time i tried to eat i was going to throw up.. and then i started not getting hungry at all... and then one day i was in complete pain feeling like i was going to die and stuff... well that went away and now I'm still having problems eating sometimes and i don't know what it can be... So if you have any Ideas please let me know.. Ps. My Friends are telling me it has nothing to do with me starving myself before that...

Open Question: How did I do today? Thanks.?

Breakfast -1/4 cup Nature's Path Kamut Puff Cereal -2 strawberries -1/4 cup skim milk -1 egg white Snack #1 -10 baby carrots Lunch -1 apple Turbo Jam: 20 minute work out Snack #2 -1 apple Dinner -1/2 cup of Monggo Soup -1/2 cup Nature's Path Kamut Puff Cereal -2 tbs fat free Strawberry Yogurt

Open Question: A poll for the women and girls, (and men and boys if you want).?

"7 Ways To Look More Like A Bikini Model". is an article on's home page. What do you think of it? I think the title should be; 7 Ways To Stop Making Girls Feel Like Crap Because They Aren't Perfect You Douche Bags.

Open Question: Im going through a heartbreak right now... please help me stay preoccupied?

school is almost out for me and I definitely need summer and time to just relax and heal. I've decided that moping around & crying won't help me so i've come up w/ activities to keep myself busy this summer... here goes! - vacationing to hawaii - work on college apps - redecorate my room - drowning myself in summer reading (recommendations for good books?!) :) - study/get ahead for next year - shopping, going out, beach - volunteering WHAT OTHER ACTIVITIES CAN I DO? I really need to keep myself busy and my mind off of him. Any other words of advice woudld be greaty appreciated :)

Open Question: Is this a normal thing to do when I'm mad?

Ok, well I've always wodered WHY I do this.. This is what I do.. When my dad and I get into a heated arguement, and he's about to explode into a million pieces and I feel like I could fall off a cliff and not feel scared, that's how mad we are. When we are THAT mad like imnnot een kidding kinda mad, and we start yelling at each other and stuff, no matter where we are, I always end up laughing. I'll give you an example, cause most of you are probably confused: ok so one time me and my dad were fighting (I'll tell you why we always fight lol) so we were arguing my dad was yelling and I was calling him all kinds of names and sayig stuff like "ok, whatever" "and you think I care...?" and rude stuff like that. And then once I say something that my dad can't answer back too so we just stare at each other with intense "I-would-kill-you-if-I-could" looks on our faces.. My dad looks like some super mad guy with anger issues while I probably look like a girl who has a "I-don't-care-your-wasting-my-time" look mixed with a "god-I-hate-you" kinda look lol! Soo we are staring back at each other super super super mad at each other. And then I burst out laughing.... It's so random. I try hard not to laugh, I can litteraly FEEL the laugh surfacing up. I try to stop it but I can't. And I'm still mad. Then my dad starts yelling again, and I just laugh harder.. It's soooo weird. And my parents think I'm doing it on purpose, when I can't even stop it!!!! What's wrong with me? Is this normal for a 12 year old girl? It only happens to me and my dad, even when I storm off to my room, after arguing with my dad, I still laugh, only with my dad though, the reason why we fight is usually cause he thinks it's "cool" to act like a cool "hip" dad. And I think it's annoying and you get it lol. Is this normal? Being sooooooo freaking and suddenly laughing until tears roll down my face? Please help lol. It happens with my mom rarely, we barely argue. Haha help. Thank you, from a weirded out 12 year old girl

Open Question: I need a new york giants cap of some sort with a pony tail attatched to it?

My cousin is suffering from a brain tumor, and just had sugery. She's bald, and won't go out in public, we heard about a new york giants hat with some sort of pony tail, i guess, attatched to the back? I was wondering where we could find it.

Open Question: Please answer my CONDOM QUESTION.?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now. We are very sexually active. And we do use protection. Not always, but sometimes. When we do use them however, I get swollen and sore for days. I think I'm allergic to latex condoms. I've heard that there are condoms that are non latex. Where can you by them. ? And are they expensive. ? (: Thank youuu.

Open Question: Please shed some light on my situation.?

My 16 year old daughter has been suffering from constant abdominal pain for a few months now. It never goes away and is draining all of her energy. She is stressed out and it is beginning to stress me out as well. The doctor told her there is no physical illness. He said that it is stress related and if she adjusts her diet and lifestyle it will get better. However, she does not believe this and fears it is chronic and she will have to live with it for the rest of her life. All she has been doing is crying. I want to know if others have suffered from stomach pain for a long time but have overcome it. I want her to belive that stress is really causing this. If you could please share your stories if you have had similar experiences that would really help. I just want to give her some hope so she could resume her normal activites and enjoy life. As a mother I can not see her like this anymore.

Open Question: big feet girls compare to me?

hi im a 17 year old boy, and im 5,10 tall, my feet range in sizes from a size 6 work shoe to a size 7 converse trainer and a size 8 nike 6.0 trainers, these are all in mens sizes which i don't know how womens compare??? also my left foot measures 24.7 cm in length, and right measures 25.5 cm in length and they are really thin 8 cm wide and 22cm circumference at the widest point. im just wondering if there are any women with larger or much larger feet thanks :)

Open Question: Do I have a good chance of getting disability?

I have OCd, Bipolar, Depression,Anxiety and Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, Post Tramatic stress. I have extensive medical records, Plus I have eight people who have wrote letters stating how bad I am.I alsohave a docter saying I am unable to work.

Open Question: I had a staph infection in my face was in the hospital lots of antibotics still taking clindamycin ,?

Will this go away by itself ?

Open Question: Should I be worried, Pregnancy? Cyst? I don't know whats wrong.?

I've pretty much been having unprotected sex since the start of the year, and a bit before. I don't use any birth control, and the only method he uses is 'pulling out' Which has been successful at times, and others weren't. My periods are VERY irregular and can miss 2 months at a time, which makes it very hard to know if i have to worry or not. I've missed my monthly over a week now. and only recently i have been experiencing problems such as fatigue, lower back pain. Spotting (but im not sure) about two weeks ago, i think. I've been feeling nauseous and had the worst headaches, and mood swings are out of my control. And lately intercourse has been painful Im very far from worrying though? There is a few things that could be wrong. Cyst, pregnancy, STI etc And i need answers, if you don't mind saying your opinion.

Open Question: why am i getting pain in my testical?

Hi I have recently went to see my GP about pain near my left testical ( not actuallly on it ). He said it was an infection of the tube that carries the spern to the penis, the antibiotics he gave me worked great and the pain went away for a wek or 2. However its started to come back not all the time and it spreads to my lower tummy. The pain is very manageable, but what could it be. It also hurts slightly when i ejeculate above my left tetical. He has sent me for an ultra sound, but said there was nothing to worry about? Should i be woried,

Open Question: Do I have depression?

For the past couple years I've had these symptoms: Anxiety, insomnia, I lost 20 pounds, I never feel like eating, I get crazy angry a lot, i think very little of myself and have constant thoughts of suicide. I dont want to die but it always seems to be in my head. What do you think it is? I dont want to get help for something I dont have.

Open Question: Is it normal to go to the doctor for acne?

I have alot of acne and I've tried so many face washes and home remedies and masks.. even proactiv.. nothing works! And the acne always leaves acne scars.. Would it be weird to make an appointment to get a prescription acne medicine, or to ask the doctors opinion? cause I've tried everything.. but would she think it was a waste of time?

Open Question: What should I do to get ripped?

I am 13 and all I have is 5 pound dumbbells, 8 pound dumbbells, a weight bench and resistance bands. I already am kinda muscular I have 12 in biceps and a 4 pack

Open Question: Dr said i have uti got antibiotic They called today pick up another antibiotic i have strep in my urine now?

strep in my urine should i be worried take more time off work pain in my left lower abdomen

Open Question: I bought a pair of shorts that have a cancer/birth defect warning on them...?

The warning reads: "PROPOSITION WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm." I was just wondering if anyone knew what this was about, and should I be concerned about wearing these shorts?

Open Question: What does this mean? What is wrong with me?

I can't stand staying away from home. My mom has died when I was 6, and I can't help staying away from home, or at least away from my grandmother. I can't even sleep in my own room, because for some reason I am not able to sleep and I don't feel safe without my family. Now, I have to sleep with my grandmother every night, and even sometimes, it takes me half an hour or even one hour to two hours to fall asleep every night. What is wrong with me? Now I'm dreading college and 4-day long trips with my school.

Open Question: who is the spokes man in the 1-800 contacts commercial?

The guy with the over styled hair at the end of the "they cannot have my brand - my eyes are special" commercial..........

Open Question: i got my period yesterday and ever since then ive been feeling horrible! unusual symptoms..?

My symptoms are horrible horrible cramps, heavy menstruation, I feel very weak and tired, I see everything a vbit slurred and slow, almost as if I were dreaming or hallucinating, I was seeing tiny black spots everywhere, I'm hungry but not hungry, I feel light headed and dizzy, I kind of feel like throwing up and my hands are trembling and so is my lip. What's happening to me?


Iv been on adrerall and it made me not eat and now I'm ob vyvance and for the first few days of taking it, it made me very "together" and I did much better in school. But today was awful I was dizzy, I felt like every move I made was stupid and acward and I couldn't explain anything. Iv lost all my creativity and I feel...really werid. Not high just out of place. I don't need a high dose only about 20 mg. Works but what medication would work best and not have this "acward" side effect.

Open Question: Does CVS pharmacy accept medicaid?

If yes, do i show them the white medicaid card or the healthplus card i have (i'm pregnant so i have pregnancy medicaid)? thank you

Open Question: noise in my head wakes me up?? like mirror breaking?

sometimes when I'm sleeping, I hear a loud "SMASH" (like a mirror breaking) and I wake up. it's all in my head. It's loud enough to wake me up. But to me, it sounds 99.99% real and the only way I know it's not is because there isn't a broken mirror, and this recurs from time to time. Sometimes, the noise will be something else like a large crash. Does anybody else get this? Anybody know why?

Open Question: What do I do my poo is tan?

Today I noticed that my poo was like a tan color, I was shocked at first because my mother once told me that light colored poo is bad. I'm only thirteen, what should I do? Please help i'm kinda scared.

Open Question: Healthy way for teenager to loose weight?

I'm 12 gonna be 13 at the end of July 2010 I'm 5'3 144lbs. I want to be in a bikini. Which I do look okay in one now like I can wear one but I wanna look great. So any exercise plan or anything will help. In my backyard I have a pool, swings, and a trampoline. Plus I have a huge yard. I run laps sometimes. I also have a bike. So any plan will be good. No food recipies pls. I will just watch wat I eat Does anybody kno my bmi

Open Question: Can anyone please suggest a book for getting 6 pack abs?

Preferable a book that contains both workouts, pictures and diet advice - the latter being most important... It would also be helpfulif you could state weather you have used the book-if it works - how long it takes :))) Thankx

Open Question: whats up with me?, No nasty answers?

for the past week or 2, My urine has been smelling really fishy, i really dont no whats up, i havent had sex yet, and i wash my private area, twice a day so it cant be lack of hygeine, also i have lost my appetite, and food which i normally like arent appealing to me, i have also had a dull aching pain in my lower abdomen, and have a chesty cough, could it all be linked, what do you think is going on down there, ??

Open Question: How do you get assessed for Aspergers Syndrome (AS)?

Just wondering how Iam 20 and male think I might have it?

Open Question: Does anybody know a home remedy to itching bug bites?

I don't really want to buy anti-itch cream at the store, they never seem to work.

Open Question: How to get rid of bloating?

Im often bloated, especially after eating... to the point it looks like i'm pregnant. I drink a good amount of water, but I don't think I make bowl movements enough.. Is there any foods i can eat that can help me make bowl movements more often, and get rid of bloating??

Open Question: problems with erection?

Im 18 years old and i was away from my girlfriend for a while and i masturbated pretty often and now when I try to have sex with her I have trouble getting an erection and when i do its very weak and then i have discomfort in my lower abdomen and now i don't even get morning wood and i never get hard. Is this serious or temporary? what can I do

Open Question: is it safe to rape when you wear a condom?

will the goverment not find out i rape that girl if have wear a condom?

Open Question: What are these black spots vision im seeing after my laser surgery?

I have been diagnosed with diabetes, and it has affected my right eye vision. I had my 3rd session of laser surgery today. Just few hours after the treatment, i woke up and i see black spots floating only on my right eye, since my left eye isnt affected at all. What are these spots? Are they a cause of the surgery or my retina is damaged or is it going to gradually fade away after few hours later? Pls help

Open Question: i have this sty on my eye for a do i get rid of it?(pic included)?

it seems it wont go away..what can i do?

Open Question: How can i train my lower 2 stomach muscles ?

Im working right now on a six pack my upper 4 muscles of my stomach look really good but the lower part is still like before how can i train my lower stomach to finish my 6 pack ?

Open Question: working out but gaining weight?

I (17 yr old, 6'1" male) started working out, weightlifting and eating healthy almost 3 months ago, but I recently started gaining weight. Before I started working out, I was 216lbs. On saturday, I was 184lbs, and now I am 187lbs. I don't look any more lean or muscular than on saturday but I gained 4 lbs. wtf?

Open Question: the truth about six pack abs?

Open Question: scared..could this be diabetes...woke up w/ headache.some nausea/flu feeling..peeing only not drinking alot.?

i am just a hyrochondriac on this subject... OR COULD IT JUST BE A FLU BUG.

Open Question: ACL injury , #$% , #$%^$$% ,?

I landed really bad playing basketball on my ankle and a couple weeks later just below my knee on my shin hurts and feels like it will give out. will it get better eventually or will it just worsen

Open Question: im 21 and i had like a terrible itch?

in my head and felt something and it was a bug and then i found like 3 lice they were like a dark color it wasnt white anyways how the heck did i get them I wash my hair usually everyday sometimes like maybe at the most I won't like 4x out of the month!! I have a son but he's not in day care and I checked him he don't have any where do these things come from and how did I end up with them its so gross!!!

Open Question: Someone please help me I really need it?

Im 15 I have anxiety ocd add and depression. I work as a dishwasher which causes major depression thinking about it ( I work 8 hours a week). and major anxiety which my symptoms are nauseous and stomachache sometimes diarrhoea. My mom wants me to work because I'm not in school and need to get out I guess you can say. I understand her, I really love my mom, its just I can't handle work, honestly school is easier! So today I worked for 10 minutes and left cause I didn't feel good. Then tonight I was near tears talking to my mom about work and after begging and begging she let me call in sick, turns out the work has no answering machine (It was 11 pm when I called) so should I go to work tomorrow or call in sick? I hate dish washing, I hate standing on my feet for at least 4 hours straight. I like the money but don't need it,I want to quit but i feel so bad for my mom. I think it causes too many problems that the money isn't worth it in the end. I would prefer my answer to be from a mom. But any body that can help please answer. Any more details I left out I will add. Or if you want details just ask

Open Question: How common are Steroids in the 21-40 bar scene? (San Diego)?

When I watch movies that take place in the mid 80s and early 90s I can't help but think. Man were people weak looking back then. I have also traveled a bit around the United States I have also had a gym membership for a really long time. Huge difference once you get to the west coast. I can get quite tone and decent but never Hollywood Quality muscle. So how they hell are these guys doing it! Recently some acquaintances of mine introduced me to a secret.... They are using steroids to get some extra size to attract hotter women. Holy *%$^*^& Ive always wondered how some guy who is 30 looks like he just stepped out of a Hane's commercial Ad. I want to know how common this is! I feel like its probably extremely common and one of the best kept secrets in world. Its all starting to make sense now. Anyone care to share! Please only 21+ and up reply.

Open Question: Okay, I've read numerous reviews about all different types of pre-workout formulas for working out at the gym.?

I want a good N.O. booster. I've tried NO Xplode and Jack3d. Both have done well for me, but there's a lot out there about magnesium overdose, etc. with the NO Xplode. Can anyone out there actually give me their honest opinion about the best NO formula to use. I'm turning 45 years old and I've been working out for a while and am muscular. Just need to try something different (I think).

Open Question: has anyone ever been with somebody with a small penis and soon after that a big penis?

How did it feel? was it a noticeable difference? which did u prefer?

Open Question: looking for private duty in raleigh nc?

Open Question: Can you get oral herpes from someone who has never had the virus before?

Okay well 2 days ago, (May 21, 2010) I kissed my boyfriend for the first time. It was his first kiss as well as mine. He has never had oral herpes or any herpes at all... because he has never kissed anyone before this and neither have I. He wouldn't lie to me. We're unbelievably close. 2 days before I kissed him, I noticed a pimple-like bump inside of my mouth, in between my cheek and my lower lip. About an hour ago, I noticed another one that was close to the first one. I have had these before, but I just can't shake the feeling that I may have gotten herpes from him. I have braces so there is like a lot of friction between my cheeks and the brackets of my braces. Also, when I bite my bottom lip a lot. Could that be why the bumps are there? Thank you :)

Open Question: nose bleed i need to know please help?

what happens when your nose bleeds because when i was sleeping i woke up in the middle of the night and my nose was bleeding alot i could not stop it

Open Question: Does anyone know of a website that'll allow me to create a Healthy Routine Schedule? Or Teach me how to make 1?

I want to start eating healthy, and unless I have a routine to follow, I won't stay committed to my pledge. Thanks for your help =]

Open Question: I feel my bone in my gum months after a tooth extraction..?

is there anything wrong with my gum as i can feel a bone at the top of my gum? it happens months after a tooth extraction..

Open Question: waht do the initials bmi mean in health?

Open Question: I have aspergers and want to practice my social skills - is there a clean innocent chat room?

I want to talk about innocent - general things..:/

Open Question: How to make my butt grow?

And when will growth be noticeable?

Open Question: How much weight can I lose in one month on this diet?

Breakfast: 300 calories maximum Lunch: 300 calories maximum Dinner: Around 400-600 calories (it depends... I have to eat what is served) Snack: 50 calories So that's a maximum total of 1260 calories. And I exercise for 1-2 hours every day (usually 2) and drink 2 litres of water each day. I apparently have a BMR of 1400, according to online BMR calculators. Thanks. Oh and I don't eat meat, sugar or fried food. I try to eat mostly protein and fruits/vegetables.

Open Question: What can be causing acne on my face?

Hi! I recently started going to gym and changed my eating habits. Everytime I go to the gym after my workout I always go into the sauna for about 15 mins I do this because. It helps my body relax after a strenous work out . But suddenly my face is breaking out in pimples it's seems like one pimple goes away and 3 come on a different spot in my face . I am using neutrogina face wash but it's seems not to help . Can it be thesauna that's causing these pimples? I have also quit smoking ciggs and I am on the patch can it be that ? Please help

Open Question: is it unhealthy to go to sleep without dinner?

does it affect ur metabolism? and i was planning i doing it cuz i want to lose weight..but im not sure if its ok....

Open Question: If I run 2.5 miles 3-5 days a week and combine it with a healthy diet will I lose weight?

Open Question: what does my vagina hurt after i pee?

After I Pee My Vagina Hurts...And When I Wear Panites It Hurts But When I Dont Wear Them I`m Fine

Open Question: Can I benefit from omega 3 pills?

I am 21 years old and I am active. I take a mulivitamin, b-complex, creatine, glutamine and whey protein to supplement my diet. I am also a college student with a very difficult class load. I was wondering if omega 3 pills are good for your brain and if they are good for the rest of my body also. Also, are there any other (safe) supplements that you recommend for me? Thanks!

Open Question: How do i get that back workout to get the "Cobra"?

I really want that Cobra back for my body and exercises someone could help me with? thanks!

Open Question: What is the cause of this?

It feels like my brain is switching down levels, in all aspects of my life. Like for instance, I use to have tons of creative ideas, but they just keep getting smaller and smaller. I used to love working out and all of a sudden now I barely have enough energy to go to school and come home. I used to love doing nice things for people, but it seems like I don't really care anymore. It also seems I'm starting to blush now for no reason. All of this just started for no reason before Spring Break and is going downhill fast. I'm 15 and it feels like I have no sex drive at all either, I don't know what the cause of this would be? thanks for the help

Open Question: Why do women have a small waist?

I love a woman's waist but never know why it is thin. It just something I want to know.

Open Question: Drugs or living in pain? What to do about my boyfriend?

My boyfriend has a prescription for oxycontin hes 19 and one of the disks in his back got screwed up when he was moving a fridge, it is now pressing on a nerve that goes down his leg and he is in severe pain all the time.. Oxycontin is one of the only drugs that works for him but the downside is he has become dependent of it. His whole family is accusing him of being an addict but he just needs his meds to live without pain. Should his family leave him alone and let him take oxycontin for his pain or should he live his life in pain:(.. Im really worried about him. I would like to hear other peoples opinions on the situation..

Open Question: How much to start out with while bench pressing?

There's a bench press comp. coming up in a few weeks and only a few females have signed up. There's only one in my weight class though... Well, I am considering signing up but don't know how much to start out with. I weigh 102 lbs, 19 years old, and can pick up 120 lb. dumbbells using both arms (if that helps haha.) I don't know much about it, but would like to start training. Any help would be great!

Open Question: Is it possible to contract gonorrhea while the partner I contracted it from got TWO negative results?

I am mortified. When I visited Mexico this year, it turned into a slightly romantic vacation. When condoms ran out, he was so quick to go forth anyway, and my fault was to give in too easily. 5 days later, all the signs of gonorrhea reak havoc and I obtained medication via my doctor as soon as I could. When I told partner in Mexico, he got checked out TWICE and both results came out negative. But these were done in Mexico. Could it be shoddy medical care? Does he have super human powers that only transfers disease, but never actually gets STD's? I haven't slept with anyone since last July, and that was only once and with a condom. I sleep with this guy, get symptoms immediately after for gonorrhea, and he claims up and down he is negative. He sends me emails, calls and texts night and day claiming he doesn't. I'm a dirty, diseased whore, and i"m so confused. How could I get it, but he never did? Is it possible to contract from a wet gym bench? Can gonorrhea stay alive outside of the genitals? Did somebody break into my house and use my vibrator when I was in Mexico? Are Mexican STD tests shoddy? How? Why? What?

Open Question: Not depressed, but wanting to be hurt?

For quite a while I have been having consistant thoughts of being hurt. I never think of killing myself or cutting myself, and I have no desire to die. I have almost fantasies of bing in car crashes and losing limbs or being paralyzed or blind ect.. I am out of highschool, and have a close relationship with my mom, and have told her about the fantasies. Is this depression, or what?

Open Question: hip pain in a fifteen year old?

I am fifteen and my right hip has been really sore for the last 2 days. When i walk it really hurts too. I don't remember actually doing anything to it, it just started to hurt? I'm not a sporty person or do much of that either? It is also rather sore to touch but as its inside, you are unable to see anything. What can it be? Or how could i get rid of the pain?

Open Question: is it okay to drink soda?

I always workout but today i drank 2 sodas. i never really drink sodas anymore. is it okay to drink sodas once in a while?

Open Question: Question for paramedics/emts..?

Are emt's required to keep all days open? What are their schedules like? I cannot work Friday evenings or Saturday days. Will it be difficult finding a job in this profession not having those shifts available?

Open Question: I have a bump on the back of my throat?

My throat has been sore for the past few days so I had someone look at it. (not a doctor) They said that there was a bump on the side of my throat. Not on my tonsils. Any idea what it is before I go to a doctor? Make sure your question follows the community guidelines. The pain is only there when I swallow. I can't feel the bump at all. And my lymph nodes are a little swollen on the same side.

Open Question: reactions to the mirena iud?

i am about to get the mirena put in on thursday. ladies who have it, do you like it? Have you had any issues?

Open Question: Can regularly drinking water instead of regular meals still speed up your metabolism?

I know a lot of people say eating frequently helps to speed your metabolism but why can't we just bring water regularly instead as this is said to be the key in speeding up your metabolism. Water is also a lot better for you anyway?

Open Question: Sharp and painful back-ache for 2 days straight!?

Okay, so I started experiencing my back ache Sunday morning when I woke up. I thought I had slept poorly or something and didn't really think much about it...but now its Tuesday and my back pain is worse! Its a sharp pain located on my middle-left side and it really hurts whenever I bend down or even LOOK down. I have also noticed that my left shoulder is MUCH lower than my right shoulder and my body (my upper body) looks slanted, if that makes any sense... I'm not really one to complain about pain, but this really hurts and I have NO idea what it could be! Please help =/ Thank you!

Open Question: i sleep 8 hours and still i dozing whole day and my eyes become have and feel sleepy every time?

is it a problem do i have consult to the doctor

Open Question: How to make your stomach/belly smaller!?

My belly is kinda big. I want to know how to make it smaller quick. I do exercise more than 3 times per week. But I want Know what food and snacks is good for your body. I can't eat 6 times per day because I'm in school all day. Please reply what should I do. Thank you so much!!!!

Open Question: I gained weight!!?????????

Hey.. what the hell.. so i've lost a total of 44 pounds.. i eat as for normal, since im used to dieting, eating small portions and run about 5 days a week, cardios and stuff.. yesterday i just noticed i gained 2 pounds.. i don't recall eating too much or slacking my exercises.. my friends told me not to worry cause its probably muscles growing.. is that true?

Open Question: When will Chickenpox fever go away and how do you count the first day you got chickenpox?

I'm 16 this year, this is the 2nd time I got infected with chickenpox and I've never felt as sick as this. Last Thursday, I started getting slight headache so I thought it's just some normal flu. On Friday, headache still persist with an addition of slight fever and a few spots of chickenpox. On Saturday, my doctor confirmed I got infected by chickenpox. After that, rashes and spots kept on appearing and today is already Monday but I don't feel very much better, fever won't go away still, my face and body are like alien. So, how can I know when will my fever go away and is Thursday the day I got infected with Chickenpox?

Open Question: help me! i cant stop crying!?

i dont know whats wrong with me! my boyfriend and i had a little tiff last night, and it upset me enough to were it brought me to tears, we fixed it after a while, but since last night i still havent been able to stop crying.. even now, the tears just wont stop flowing down my face.. i feel so depressed and like crap, but i dont actually know what the actualy reason is why i feel like this.. does anyone else ever get this feeling? and what do i do.. bcas its effecting my relationship now bcas apparently im being too moody.. which then makes me cry more.. :(

Open Question: pain radiating from the right waist to the groin area comes and goes but always bearable?

I feel a pain radiating in a vertical line commencing from my right waist going down towards the groin area. Sometimes it acts horizontal along the waits on the right side. I went to a hospital and consulted a urologist, they tested my urine and a sperm sample. Nothing. I went to a gastroenterologist and they tested my stool and blood, nothing out of the ordinary but he diagnosed me with gastroenteritist and gave me some antibiotics. 5 days after taking the medicine, still the pain is there. It is bearable, i can eat normally but its rather aggitating. But sometimes in the morning I feel nausea but won't vomit. Any help is highly appreciated!

Open Question: do guys care if girls have small boobs? please answer this question, more details inside.?

alright well i want to know if guys care about girls who have small boobs. cause my boyfriend wants to have sex but im nervous he will not in joy it cause i have small boobs? so do you think he will care? i'm am virgin still so im nervous. and i want guy opinions.

Open Question: i know for a fact marijuana is safer than cigs and alcohol...?

but i smoke weed like either every weekend or every other weekend.. my parents told me they all did it when they were teens.. and they have good jobs now and are making good money. so why do people say its so damn bad? ive been smokin weed for like a year now and im still the same person. i wrote a 3 page essay baked and got an A on it and sometimes go to school high and do better , like i focus more on school. honestly f u c k the people that say its bad.. prove to me its bad!?

Open Question: condom ripped, help?

I had sex with my girlfriend last night. I was wearing a condom and i always pull out before i come anyway to make extra safe, Last night thou the condom ripped, I didn't notice until i took it out to come, I came about 2 seconds after i took it out of her..Also after his happened I was rubbing her and she 'came' (the girl version lol). My question is should i be worried and if so could her 'cum' have washed anything away?, might this have helped?

Open Question: How do I determine body frame size?

I have lost alot of weight. I am about 5'8.5". I weigh 178 lbs. I read these calculators and they all say I am pretty over weight, about 20 lbs, but I actually look pretty good. I have pecs starting to form and abs as well. I feel like I just need to tone my body and I will look great. When I look at these calculators they say you can add 10% for a large frame or subtract 10% for a small. I want to know if I have a large frame. I have been told I have large shoulder-span and "I should be a football player" all my life. I know it only matters wether I like how I look and if I am healthy but I am just the type of person who needs a goal to work toward. Any answers?

Open Question: Do I Need Crutches For My Leg?

I cant bend my leg and it hurts like mad when i walk on it, i havent gone to the doctors yet but im thinking about it, It's swollen too. And really hurts. Do I need crutches or do i need a cast or don't i need anything to help me ? Do I also need to go to the doctor or the hospital ?

Open Question: Is my BF penis small? (5 in erect)?

is around 5 inches average? when erect? for a normal male? and i when i grab it.. my fingers can touch when they go around... my finger and index finger meet when i grab around is this a normal circumference? i mean its proboly like 3 quarters circumference.. maybe 2.. it is around 2 inches non erect... im just concerned that something may be wrong with him.. ty for opionions

Open Question: Why am i plotting murder on my family? is this bad?

Open Question: Workers compensation concern, help please?

I am a server at a chain restaurant, and last night I was putting a drink tray back on the rack when my elbow popped. I tried to shake it out but realized that it wasn't working and became quite painful as time went on. So I immediately told my employer that I can no longer work because my elbow really hurts. So I filled out an injury report and they gave me a Workers Comp form to fill out and I told them I have to get it checked out at the ER. Long story short, the ER doctor said its just Tendonitis/Bicep tendon sprain and gave me a sling and prescriptions. However, he also gave me a note for a week off of work starting today. So strangly enough, I woke up this morning in absolute no pain, took my arm outta the sling to stretch it and just to check it out, and everything feels 100% normal, I even did a few push ups to test it out. Full strength and mobility, almost like nothing was wrong last night (even though i was in tons of pain at the ER last night) Is it possible to return to work earlier than the doctors suggested return date? Would I be able to call him to tell him I am ready for work or will he have to evaluate me again? (I don't want to run up the bill on my employer either, workers comp thing...)

Open Question: Ehlers-Danlos Questions?

I'm dating a guy with Ehlers-Danlos and i just wanted to know what i should be prepared for "down there". If you have this skin condition is it likely that you weren't circumsized as a baby? I know his skin is stretch EVERYWHERE, I also was wondering since his bruises so easily if he cant get hickeys, or f i were to give him one if it would stay permanetly? Anyother information would be helpful. I'm just trying to learn as much as i can on his skin condition so i can be well educated on it.

Open Question: How do I drop my weight by 7 kg as fast as possible? WILL TRY ANY METHOD?

I am 16 years old, and weigh 62 kg. According to my BMI, I am of average weight, but I am not happy with my appearance. I used a nutritional calculator on, which stated that if I ingest 1540 calories a day, I'll lose 0.5 kg per week. Summer holiday is coming up...I will be EXTREMELY busy during july, so I have exactly 6 weeks to lose 7 kg. However, I would LOVE it if I could lose it faster than that. What kind of exercise is the best to lose weight? I can run; I placed 3rd in a 400m race, and am one of the fastest girls at my school. However, I do not LIKE running. I hate it. I always tell myself I will go running for 1 hr, and return home after 15 minutes. I. Hate. It. Please help! I am tired of not fitting into clothes, tired of feeling fat, tired of being compared to my thin friends! I will try ANY freaking method, even starving myself or becoming bulimic...ANYTHING! Please help...

Open Question: How to prevent IBS (Immunity Bawl Syndrome) problem ?

I am 30 year old and suffering since a long time from IBS problem, I feel something in left side of my stomach, and also suffering gas & constipation problems. please help & suggest.

Open Question: How to do GCSE's with a broken collar bone?

I broke my collar bone on my right hand side which is the hand i write with. I have GCSE's in about 4 weeks so my arm will not be fixed and strong enough to write in my exams. Any idea what they will do for me? Can they give me a laptop or a scribe or something?

Open Question: How would you describe my body type? (pictures)?

I used to be skinny(size3) and I have gained weight cause I got hypothyroidism and its difficult to maintain or lose weight. i wear a size 9 now and i'm a lil insecure cause my mom makes a big deal about it. Sorry my ribs and collar bones arent sticking out anymore? I try to be confident but id like an honest opinion of my shape, size, and whether or not i should lose weight? Picture 1: in a pink bikini on the left Picture 2: the blonde picture 3: my fave honest answers please.

Open Question: from which medical shop of india can i buy this medicine VIGRX PLUS?


Open Question: hello i just wanted to know what is a good weight to be i am 11stones 3 pounds i am 181cm talll(5ft.11) my ide?

hello i just wanted to know what is a good weight to be i am 11stones 3 pounds i am 181cm talll(5ft.11) my ideal is 12 stones...i wanted to know how much pounds is it good to be under your actually ideal weight??? thanks in advance (points will be awarded)

Open Question: Circumcision: A shower or bath?

Since I got circumcised three days ago, the doctor said I could take off my bandage after the third day and that I could take a shower, right? Well, I was wondering, should I take a shower or a bath? I've read that some people take off the bandage in the bath or take a bath to let the bandage soak and stuff...and then it's much easier to take off. What do you guys think? Does anyone know? I think the direct contact of the water when taking a shower would hurt more. Thoughts???

Open Question: Yellow spot appearing on arm near cut?

Open Question: signs of anti-freeze poisoning?

Open Question: Why do I feel so restless?

Ok, so i haven't worked out in a long time, on sunday i went for a walk and did some lunges until like my leg started to cramp. Then on tuesday i went running and did some more lunges. Last night my arms started to feel really restless and it was bugging me until i fell asleep. I woke up this morning and felt fine until i went on the my whole body feels really restless, like i need to keep moving my body..i feel like running nonstop. What's wrong with me?

Open Question: Don't know if my daughter had a miscarriage.....?

My daughter has only been on fertility treatments for a month. She started her period,ovulated,and conceived the 1st month. She found out she was pregnant on Mothers day. That night,she spent the evening in the ER. She was bleeding very heavy,and was told that he HCG level is only at 16,and her cervix was opened, so chances are, she was having a miscarriage. They told her to wait for 3 days,and come back to the hospital for another blood test, to see if the HCG level has decreased or increased. So....I took her to the hospital yesterday. Her HCG was up to 23 now!!!(well, thats what the level was at yesterday about noon) So....can anyone tell us why she was bleeding, cramping, AND her cervix was opened??? If her hormone level has increased in those 3 days, that obviously means she's still pregnant. Could it be possible that since she was taking fertility meds, that maybe she was pregnant with multiples and she miscarried 1? But 1 of them are ok? All we have to go on now, is the fact the hormone levels increased. THAT was told to her by a nurse. But he follow up doc appointment isn't till this afternoon. In the mean time, we're dying! We want to know whats going on! Should we keep our hopes up, or is it not sounding good???

Open Question: I have pain in my guts and in my pelvic area..?

I have the 5 year IUD. It has been 4 years since I got it. 3 months ago, i went to the dr to get the IUD removed and he told me that it had gotten embedded in my uterus wall which it can sometimes do. Since then, there have been many changes in my life which has not given me the time to go to the specialist to get the IUD removed. For the last several days, i have been having cramps in my pelvic area and now today my guts ache. In the past, I have also had kidney stones. But this does not feel like kidney stone pain. Could it be the IUD or something more servere???

Open Question: Fat Burning Furnace - Scam Or Not?

Hi everyone Have someone tried the Fat Burning Furnace diet program and know if it's a scam? I read many reviews about Fat Burning Furnace but wonder if someone here really tried it and found it to be useful. If someone have any experience with this program please tell me if Fat Burning Furnace worth the money or not. Thanks for the answers

Open Question: Has anyone ever taken flexeril 10 mg?

I have a prescription to take flexeril 10 mg before bedtime because i have sciatica. Is this a big dosage and will it make me really drowsy??? Can someone explain how it feels when taking this pill??? Will there be much of a difference?

Open Question: Becoming a Pediatric Oncology Nurse?

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I want to become a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. I want to know what types of classes I should start taking now, and any other types of things I should do to prepare myself. I also want to know how many years of college I would have to have, and what exactly I would need to do in college, and what classes I would take. I live in Canada, if that makes any difference at all.

Open Question: Trapped or pulling nerve in the head?

When I move my head in a certain way I get the feeling of a trapped nerve inside the left side of my head. I have googled but not found anything, I just wanted to know if anybody knows anything of this? It is quite painful and annoying.

Open Question: How to manage time with my mother's cancer...?

My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy. She doesn't have her drivers license and she lives at home (she is a widow as my father passed away 9 years ago) with my older sister. I also have a twin sister, so it's basically the 3 of us who will need to take care of her. I am 24 as well as my twin and my older sister is 38. We all work 9-5 jobs Monday-Friday so it is difficult to be there for her all of the time so she is home alone all day while we are at work. My twin sister wants to make some sort of schedule so that someone will always be there with her which I agree with, however, it will be very difficult for me to keep to it as I work full-time and go to school full-time. I also want to continue to go to try to go to the gym everyday after work (I already lost almost 20lbs and don't want to gain it back) and I want to keep my sanity by going out with my friends at times. My twin sister is not like me and doesn't go out with friends a lot and she doesn't go to the gym so I know she has a different outlook. I don't want to seem selfish because I really do want to be there for my mom AS MUCH AS possible but how do I balance this??

Open Question: How unhealthy is KFC original recipe chicken when the skin and breadcrumbs are removed leaving just chicken?

I know the grilled chicken is probably still more healthy than this but was just wondering if this would still be an unhealthy, fatty, high calorie food to eat. Thanks.

Open Question: Could I have my braces look like Grills?


Open Question: Are there any suicide chat rooms?

I'm 17 and I'm on the edge, post a legitimate link.

Open Question: Why does is feel like my heart is in my head when I have headaches?!?

I have a normal headache right now, and it hurts, but it feels like my heart is where my brain is suppose to be?!?!?!?!?

Open Question: how to controlled my breath in arace.?

Open Question: Name a circumstance where you would have to cut off your penis?

Open Question: What can cause the areolas to darken?

I recently just noticed that my areolas have turned a light brown. They have always been only a lighter shade of my light skin, but now they are brown. What can cause this? I am almost twenty-one.

Open Question: Can someone tell me if Paranormal Phenomenon?

And Schizophrenia are one in the same?

Open Question: Does listerine whitening wash make your teeth more sensitive?

Open Question: St. Johns Wort???????

I bought some st johns wort today to try and relieve my anxiety and getting panic attacks. But the only thing is i took one pill today and it made me feel way more nervous and feel very very very tired. Has anyone actually tried this stuff and does it work for you? Thanks

Open Question: Is my hearing in trouble?

If I concerntrate I can make my ears ring at will (it doesn't require much concerntration either.) It's only in my left ear when I try to block out other sounds. The ring is so high pitched it almost hurts. Could this be a hearing problem? I try not to do it, but if i accidentilly concerntrate on it, it starts.

Open Question: Hownis it possible that I'm still awake?

I took 2 tylenolpm, 2 zopiclone pills, and drank 2 packets of neocitran nightime. And this ha all been within the last hour, how come i STILL can't fall asleep?

Open Question: nerve problem please help?

I think i injured my nerve due to some reaction of kerosene on face. Anybody knows what kind of injury is that

Open Question: how does liver damage harm you?

Open Question: My right eye hurts. It is swollen and itches from time to time?

Yesterday I woke up and my right eye felt quite sore like I had a bruise inside my eyelid. It hurts slightly every time I blink or close my eyes and itches from time to time. Today I looked in the mirror and it's a bit swollen on the upper inside eyelid and the skin is a bit pink. The pain is mostly coming from the outer side of my eye like someone is jabbing my eye every time I blink. Please help. Should I go to the doctor?

Open Question: Question about down there?

I'm 16 years old and was wondering what other teenage girls prefer when they go down on a guy: natural, trimmed, or shaved? I always thought trimmed but my friends seem to be shaving.

Open Question: Im going on a diet in which I eat 4 meals of only oatmeal and eat an have an average of 1000-1500 calories..?

any side effects or any other better idea that will help lose weight

Open Question: Opinions on current eating habits?

I am currently basically on bed rest ( very inactive) ...but I do try and work out for 30 minutes each day if I am feeling up to it. (Jog, elliptical, sit ups etc) Today I ate/will eat Homemade granola (filled with nuts and coconut flakes) with yoghurt and a passionfruit An apple and a chocolate bar Salad and some form of chicken dish with rice/brown bread another snack (nuts or cereal bar or cheese and crackers) Is this too much food if I am not up and about all day? Will I lose/maintain or gain eating this kind of thing? I have quite generous portions of food.

Open Question: omg...why can't i sleep as of late?

I am up but so tired. i am having trouble sleeping. help me someone lol.

Open Question: Ruptured varicose vein behind knee PHOTO?

I don't know if it is def a varicose vein that ruptured or not. When I was pregnant, I had a fairly large and noticeable varicose vein in the back of my left leg. From where the bruise is, it made me guess that maybe the varicose vein ruptured? About a week ago, I noticed that it was really painful behind me knee... my husband noticed that it was swollen and red... a little bruised. Now a week later... this is what it looks like... Anything to worry about or will it just go away soon? Thanks! I had my daughter 8 months ago, btw.

Open Question: question about Yaz, and when to start my next pack?

i'm taking yaz, the birth control pill, and i'm not sure when to start my next pack. yesterday was the last day of my last pack, but even though i got through all of the lighter colored pills, my period hasn't started yet. should i start the next pack tonight? when should i start it? why hasn't my period started? (it is literally impossible for me to be pregnant. i'm not even on the pill for birth control purposes)

Open Question: how come my period isnt here by now?!?!?

i am 12 years old i got my period last was an irregular cycle..but it came every two months..or a couple of days late every month....but now it hasnt come in 5 this somehing to be concerned about??....i am not stressed much...not that i know this normal...if so how long will it be before i DO get my period again???......before i SERIOUSLY need to start worrying about it?!?!? serious answers only please!!

Open Question: what is oxycodone 5-325 and hydrocodone 5-500?

Open Question: Enlarged penis vein after masturbation?

I was masturbating and once i finished one of the veins on my penis was enlarged and i could move it around a bit from right to left. 5 mins later it went down then came back down and now its gone. I was masturbating really intensely and kept going even after ejaculation which have maybe been the cause but what is it from and is it anything to worry about? I have not had any sexual relations any time soon so its not an STD. Thanks,

Open Question: how to reduce weight and fat from outer and back thighs?

i am 5ft female and weight is 84kg,do 1 hr gym or aqua aerobicks or sweaming, take calaory intake upto 1500-1700 avoid fat/oil/sweets and eat bf as cornflaks,lunch as 1.5 chapati,subji and salad, midtime 2/3 biscuits with tea or fruit, dinner as light as possible sometime oats upma still my weight is not coming down and flabby outer/back thighs looks bad so pls guide me for both.

Open Question: Does this photo make me look fat?

I'm in 7th grade now so we have health class. I'm worried I might be overweight. Do I look fat or is it just a normal size?

Open Question: How can I get rid of the fat in my arms?

Above my elbow, below my shoulder. Will lifting weights help? How much weight? Or do push ups work better? I don't really need to gain muscle but I want to get rid of the flabbyness. And hopefully by the end of July.

Open Question: i think something is wrong with me. it hurts when i pee.?

the past week or more my bladder has been acting weird. the first few days i had to go even when i didn't drink anything, smelled like fish, cloudy, and some blood. i drank alot of cranberry juice and it seemed like it went away but the past 2 days i have had the same symptoms i had in the beginning but with no blood. i think the blood might be coming back though. i also saw brown flake-like things in my urine

Open Question: Does this mean I need to replace my fixed dental bridge?

I get swelling and pus out of the back of my bridge then my whole mouth gets infected. I go on antibiotics and everything clears up except my bridge area which stays swollen. Then the pus and infection starts again. Also I had a root canal through the bridge because bacteria got into the the back tooth and I flossed and brushed twice a day.

Open Question: Why I always feel sleepy?

Open Question: Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms?

Does anyone else use these? For some reason I get soft when I do and I lose all feeling down there. And I literally can't finish.. Does anyone else have this problem?

Open Question: what does your immune system do when you have virus in bloodstream?

A- Th1 mediated B CD8 + mediated C. Nuetrailization by IgG D. Nuertulization by IgA E. Opsonization by antibody

Open Question: why should i continue? i am losing the will to live.?

i have been planning this day for a while. the day of my death. tommarow is the day i have to chose if i am ready to go. at first i was sure i wanted to go but last class period has me now unsure. i didnt plan on telling anyone because it would cause too much chaos but i did today. a friend of mine told me he cared & i felt like the biggest jerk alive. i dont want to hurt anyone but the longer im here the more i lose the will to live. two people who want to help me but i feel too lost to turn back. is it reall worth it?

Open Question: When doctors will grow up.?

i am 15years girl. i never had any relation with a boy and i am a virgin . I recall trying to get birth control...I had to have a pelvic exam, rectal exam and pap test. These are all humiliating, and for a 15 years old, they are not lifesaving. They are not even necessary. Yet, I had to take off all of my clothes and let one of them blackmail me into allowing her(doctor) to spread my legs and inspect my vulva, then push a big metal toy into my vagina. After that, she pushed her fingers into my vagina, and then up my rectum, and then felt my breasts. None of these activities had anything to do with The Pill, but the doctors are allowed to assault on me and millions of other girls, I objected and was told that I 'wasn't comfortable with my body' and had 'misplaced sexual issues'.(hello i am a virgin and i never had any relationship with a boy ) Letting a stranger penetrate me for no benefit to me, but in order to get unrelated medication did not constitute discomfort with my body, it constituted discomfort with violation. But, the doctors continued to do it, purely for the sake of humiliating me. medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in our country . now i dont trust doctors anymore that witch (doctor) must be subjected to jigsaw trap .(saw movie) when doctors will grow up ? medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in our country i asked this question before .i didn't get proper answers so i am asking again .

Open Question: hi can anybdy suggest me nice jogging parks and yoga classes in andheri west?

Open Question: What would be the exact ideal weight for my height?

I'm 14, and 5'0. At the moment I weigh 126 lbs, but I used to weigh 140. How much more weight do I have to lose? I was thinking maybe 7 - 10 lbs.

Open Question: I'm going to have an umbilical Hernia repair, advice please.?

Hi, I'm going to have an umbilical Hernia repair (just above the belly button) but i was thinking...I don't know how I'll get out of bed! I was trying this morning and any movement (sitting up, laying down, rolling over) involves my chest & stomach moving, (which I know will hurt and perhaps slow healing) Is there a way I should get used to getting into/out of bed, ready for my op?

Open Question: Male enlargement pills?

Ok do they work if so which are the best for permanent resluts? And where can you find them? Personal experiences with them would help to.

Open Question: How to increase height???? I am male, 24 years, height is 5.6'?

Hi, I want to increase my height. My current height is 5.6' and my age is 24 years. I am a male here. Because of my height I often feel inferior. Please suggest. thanks!

Open Question: I caught my 14 year old mistrobatring with my disciplinary taser. Is there a danger to his gonads?

I keep a taser at home that I used as an MP in the military police. From time to time I apply some juice to my 14 year old son and my 19 year old daughter just to remind them who is boss in the house. I also do this to my wife when she starts getting on my nutz. But so I was surprised to walk into our solarium and find my son with kY in one hand and the taser in the other applied to his tasticules. He was bucking and sporting a disturbingly large stiff. He says that if you tase your nutz right you can kum like nothing else. So I just gave him a cuff and took the taze back with me and shocked my rocks. And you no what? The little bugger was right. I shot rocket loads of juice all over the place. But I am worried about my son's health which is why I am wondering if you do this alot it can hurt ur gonads.

Open Question: neutrogena 2 in 1 cleanser mask?

I use neutrogena 2 in 1 cleanser mask. I use the facial mask twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I place the Mask over my face and wait for 5 minutes as it says. Is using a facial mask twice a day bad ?

Open Question: Is it possible for you epididymis to separate from your testicle? If so, what would be the symptoms?

I have epididymitis (according to a school nurse, who really didn't check) and it feels like the epididymis (the vein thing behind the testicle) is really swollen and loose. I'm not sure how loose its supposed to be, but it feels REALLY loose. I was wondering if it was possible for it to have separated from the testicle without my knowledge. There has been some discomfort, but I assumed it stemmed from the epididymitis. Any suggestions? I constantly check my testicles (like every two hours) because I'm extremely nervous about something going wrong. Everything looks to be normal from the outside except the lump on the testicle with the epididymitis, which I read on the internet was normal. Please help.

Open Question: how much calorie should i take if i burn everday about 800 calories by working out to lose weight instantly ?

well i need to lose around 30-35 kgs to be fit and i need to do that quickly......currently my weight is 98kg and i'm 15 year old and i'm 5 feet 11 inches.......and can you also suggest me how to increase my would be a great favour for me.

Open Question: Is it possible to do cardio and still tone?

I'm 5'7 girl, muscular, average, athletic frame. I go the gym alot but i have overdone the muscle coz i did number 9 on the cross trainer but have recently switched it down to 4/5 so i don't gain anymore muscle, my theighs are extemely muscley and i hate that coz its manish so now like i said i'm focusing on number 4/5 on the cross trainer and also very light weights, i turn 18 this october so i wanna loose a couple stone by then. I go the gym 5, sometimes 6 days a week and have started a healthy diet today. I am a sporty girl and i wanna be a personal trainer when i'm abit older so i like learning stuff like this, but please don't give me akward answers coz i do know how to exercise i just need to know this simple question in one sentence >>> Is it possibly to do cardio and still tone? Thanks :)

Open Question: how can i increase the content of blood?

Open Question: What kind of cut is this!?

I have 4 queer looking bumps on the other side of my thumb on the top of the bumps are red dots. It stings really badly too. Is it a bite. Or something really wrong. It's also staring to get numb. help.

Open Question: How to get legs like this...?,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=147&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_BOTTOMS&popId=WOMENS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize= I'm really tall, and I have long legs but they are not thin. My waist is small and my arms are thin but my thighs and calves are huge. It does not look proportionate. I know that girls who model these jeans are naturally skinny, but I want a body like that soo bad. Is there anything I can do?

Open Question: Touching near the vagina's entrance is painful?

What does it mean? I'm a virgin and I've never done anything to it, so why does it hurt even with the lightest touch? PS: It's been always like this, it's not something new

Open Question: i have a bad problem :(?

ok i got contacts so i dont wear glasses anymore and when i did wear glasses i would always push my glasses up on my nose even when its not needed its kinda like a habit or something i do it every 5 minutes but now i dont have glasses and i cant push my glasses up on my nose and i get kinda annoyed so i was wonder how can i brake this habit? i know this is a very weird and unusual question but i dont know what to do ;(

Open Question: Any sexologist plz help?

i hv curved penis, its curved towards bottom right side... is it normal. I can show my pics.. for better review.. plz respond soon

Open Question: Is it normal for a "tomboy" to have a girl crush, on a celebrity?

Everybody already teases me for being lesbian (which I'M NOT) because of the way I dress up (jeans and a T shirt), walk(I just walk normally), my interest in gadgets, and nil interest in makeup/dressing up. And well, when I first joined school, I had a short haircut and looked like a guy (skinny 13yr old guy), now I've got longer hair though and do not look like a guy anymore. This recent celebrity "girl crush" (totally non sexual, only kinda obsession), has got me thinking if there's something wrong with me (I'm not saying being gay is wrong, but I'm NOT GAY). I can't even tell my friends(not all of them are like real friends, they're really cruel) like I can about the "guy crushes" , they'll make my life hell. What should I do to FEEL normal? I'm 23.

Open Question: Please help in my sexual health?

I am 28 year old man where every i had sex with my bf i feel vey sleepy ,i feel as no enegy in my body My weight is 70 Height 5.8 Same height and weight is my gf ,but she does feel it as i feel it after sex Can anyboy tell the reason for this in general are medically Please help me i need all ur help friends And one more this i would like to ask i am on antidepressant from 8 year whereevery i am doing sex with her i feel not getting feeling i am not energying my sex what is wrong in me ,but she feel good during sex and after sex I am takeing esdep 10mg and lonazep 0.5 mg daily from 8 year ,i would like to know this may be the reason that i am not getting any kind of feeling are what pls tell me frnds i feel shame to ask my Dr ,so frnds pls pls help me Please do not report as abuse to my Q Thank u.

Open Question: How do i become bigger?

i was playan dem marios and i was like, hurr i could eat dem magic mushrooms to become bigger. Now im hijgh as fuck and im still the same size

Open Question: Getting into RAF Pilots with asthma, any possibility?

A few years back my dream was shattered 'cos i always wanted to be a pilot, due to having asthma they told me i cant go in as a pilot but have to be symptom & treatment free to get into any of the other departments bar pilots (& RAF fire fighters). is there ANY possibility i can still somehow get into pilots? to be honest i don't really suffer with it hardly at all anymore im sure in my case its "curable" (ie i know technically/medically its not but, say for example, with training i can overcome it or something?) any help? thanks (:

Open Question: Im 18 and im scared of the dark?

i have to ask my little brother or my sister to go downstairs with me when its night time because i feel so lonely and vulnerable. this isn't just periodically happening, its all the time and i dont know why. i guess that its so quiet when i hear a noise i put too much attention towards it. my lil bro and sister makes fun of me for being the buff dude who can't even go in the dark by myself. ok end of story time, how do i put an end to this?

Open Question: Did I just torture my liver?!?!?!?

I just had a 750 ml of yellow tail cabernet sauvignon and am not drunk. How long do I have to wait to start drinking again and did I just hurt my liver from drinking this much? (I know wine alcohol content so I doubt it) but how can I be sure that my liver is not suffering? I do this every weekend (I have a 750 ml bottle of wine friday, saturday and sunday) am I killing my liver?

Open Question: After you get your period...?

I'm born premature buy 4 months. As in, my birthday is suppose to be sometime in December but instead its August 4th. Yes, I'm a miracle baaby! :) Back to my point.. 1. I got my period in grade 4 the day of Valentines Day and I am now almost 12 and at the end of grade 6. Since then I've grown about 6 inches. Now, I am 5'2 ½ or maybe 5'3 but I'd like to know if its possible that I reach about 5'7 or 5'8. My mom is 5'8 and my dad is 6'7. What do you think? 2. About a year ago, I weighed 80 pounds and had the body shape of a banana and now I have the body shape of a pear and weigh 106. I was a size AA and now I'm a size A34. Is all this normal? Thanks for all your answers! :)

Open Question: Is masturbation right?

I really want to stop masturbating and I think it's wrong. Can anyone tell me anything on how to stop masturbating and if it's wrong. I feel stressed and bad after I have done it. Thanks in advance.

Open Question: what disease might the prisoner have suffered from?

in the movie Papillon a criminal played by late Steven MacQueen is imprisoned on a remote tropical island for many years. Needless to say. condition in prison not idyllic; the prisoners are served only enough gruel to keep them alive. In one scene the main character reaches into his mouth and pull out his tooth. what disease might the prisoner have suffered from?

Open Question: How can the Government help a family who are looking after a relative with dementia?

I'm doing an assignment and that is one of the topics for discussion.. I've said that the family can look into carers allowance, but i'm kinda stuck on what else to add?

Open Question: if i get a insect bite like sore after i eat green apples am i allergic?

every time i eat one, even a small one i get one or two insect like bites usually near my lips but sometimes of my arms or legs, is this a food intolerance or allergy? it swells up a little and is itchy like a mozzie bite but that's about all. thanks