Open Question: is there a website where i can ask about my health?

hi im richard and im 17 and i am concerned about my health and i was just wondering is there a site where i can ask a real doctor about my health because my parents wont let me go see a doctor unless if i am sick =[ or if it was a emergency or ect.....

Open Question: My stomach hurts whenever I walk or pretty much move at all!!Help!!?

It hurts when I pee to and im taking AZO for it and it still hurts.I woke up with it this morning.I went to sleep REALLY late.Please help!!It feels like this is killing me!!My stomach hurts and right below my stomach hurts too.And no it is not PMS!!

Open Question: How long will it take me to?

get to a size 4 again when im a size 16? how much weight would i need to lose?

Open Question: i have only one ball in right side.. Is it problometic?

Open Question: will i lose weight on this diet plan?

Breakfast - oatmeal and water Lunch - salad and water (no oil) Supper - chicken/fish with vegetables and water 30 minutes of cardio every day 30 minutes of strength training every day

Open Question: How can i lose weight fast?

Hey again im asking this question obviously over weight i am 13 year old and im very overweight not quite obease i realy want to lose weight can anyone help please. What should i eat? What exercised burn fat the fastest? How much exercise should i do a day? and anything else that will help please no nasty answers. Thanks for reading =/

Open Question: Best brand of protein powder?

In your opinion whats the best brand of protein powder to help you build muscle? Please list some reasons and your favourite flavours. I just bought the Allmax nutritions Isoflex? Was that a smart choice? And Is Optimum nutritions gold standard 100% whey good? Or what about Dymatize Elite whey. They both come in natural forms with no artificial stuff, would that be good? thanks.

Open Question: What is flax good for?Thanks?

Different ideas to use flax. thanks

Open Question: a painful cut or what ever near the lips but inside the mouth?

It is like a skin ripped off or something surrounded with a very small white circle then a big red hurts when I drink/ear anything that contains some fats/oil or if I touch it with my mouth...I can't eat from this stuff...I did have many of these before they just go away fast, but eh...I dunno...I heard about the HPV stuff, but no way, I am still a virgin lol...and I guess there is another one popping in my mouth now...what is that thing??!

Open Question: Can an xbox headset damage hearing?

Most people have the headset on the same ear . I always have it on my left ear. Can having it on the same ear damage hearing in my left ear. The headsets arent to loud but may the constnat sound on one ear and not the other cause damage. . Also, i play more than 3 hours at least in a day

Open Question: whats a good drugstore facial cleanser for sensitive acne prone skin?

i have been using noxzema for the pass month and it seems that i have more breakouts now!!!!!! i have tried everything! proactive, clinque ance system, u name it ive tried it so now im trying to go basic like good cleanser toner and moisturizer please help! i also have dark ance scar spot... thanx!

Open Question: things to do to prevent scar after 3 stitches in skin?

just to make the scar as invisible as possible. It's not a very big wound

Open Question: pearly penile papules?

ok so my boyfriend said he got this 3 years ago (he thinks) ummm i don't feel comfortable with that and i don't know how to handle this or what i should do. any suggestions?

Open Question: Is this blood pressure okay for my age/height/etc.?

I checked my blood pressure yesterday and it was 117 / 72. I'm 14, 5' 6.5" tall, and weigh 143 pounds. Is this blood pressure okay?

Open Question: How long will certain drugs be in your system?

I have a friend from work who may be getting drug tested soon and he wanted me to figure out how long certain drugs will stay in his system. some of which include Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), Heroin, Opium, and Cocaine.

Open Question: My boyfriend sleepwalks and is at times violent...?

My boyfriend and I live together and there have been several incidences where my boyfriend has been sleepwalking and has covered my face with a pillow saying "I'll fucking kill you!" and has punched me in his sleep while yelling "I'll beat the shit out of you!"... It's happened a total of five times now, I know this because it's scared the crap out of me each time. I know that when he was younger he destroyed a fan while sleeping so I'm really worried that he may try to hurt me further. What bothers me the most is that when I'm all shaken and he's out of his sleepwalking phase, he doesn't seem to believe he's done what he's done. He's not an alcoholic, however does frequently smoke - if that has anything to do with it? I don't know what to do to stop this from happening. I'm becoming afraid for my safety. Please help.

Open Question: Your thoughts... (Pics)? What do you think of this shirt for guys? Be honest.

Open Question: Are you able to feel a tampon while it's in?

Open Question: Roof of mouth is swollen from retainer...?

The roof of my mouth is now swollen to the point that the roof is so swollen that you can barely see the back of my teeth. I wore a retainer for about two years, as I was told, and now it's very swollen... What do I do?

Open Question: No energy, dizzy, loss of appetite; what could it be?

So I've been feeling sick lately.. Symptoms include: loss of appetite, always tired and never feel refreshed from sleep, can't fall asleep easily, random dizzyness, constant headaches, sore all over; joints, legs, muscles, random days where I get diharrea, short funny feeling when breathing. So that's pretty much it, or all that I can think of right now :) So yeah it sucks as you could imagine.. It's been going on for a while now; maybe a month or so.. Oh an I've been feeling kinda down/sad lately; family issues.. But yeah not like majorly depressed or anything.. So if anyone could shed some light; opinions, personal experience or if anyone has or is going through the same sort of things that would be super good! I'm thinking I'll go to the doctors if it progresses.. Oh by the way I'm sixteen, female, slim, not super fit; as in I don't really do much exercise :) haha I'm a lazy one.. Thanks :)

Open Question: Is becoming a CNA and HHA a waste of time?

I'm currently going to school to become a nurse but I have to apply for the program and then get in... I have to apply in October so either way for Fall semester I'll be out of school and there is a place offering a CNA & HHA program where I can take both for $955... I want to stay in school and do something productive and I currently work at a grocery store and a bar (extremely slow) so I was hoping this would be decent employment. Do you think being a CNA/HHA is an alright job or do you think it's a waste of time to become certified?

Open Question: bad tampon situation.?

lets put this short. it wouldnt go in. i put it in the right hole, and yes, a while ago ive tried it and it did go in, but now that i want to try it, i dont know how to stick it in.

Open Question: Will diarrhea come back after taking imodium while having the stomach flu?

Had the stomach flu this week. Took an imodium Friday so I could go to work, and the diarrhea came back today. Is that normal?

Open Question: Really weird body shape...exercises?

Okay so I'm 14 and I'm almost 5' 8" and about 132 lbs (60 kg), but I'm a swimmer and so I have big shoulders and back. I have a really small, flat butt (probably because I'm half Japanese) and big wobbly thighs and a not-so-flat-at-all tummy. I have really small breasts and hips too, I wear a 36a in bra size and my waist is 28 and my hips are 33, so I wear a 4-6 in jeans but in tops, more like a 6-8 in womens. And my feet are, like, size 10. (not sure if that matters). So are there any exercises I can do to get bigger breasts, hips, and butt, and smaller tummy and waist and thighs?

Open Question: Are you HOT cute or UGLY? Find out!?

My friends say I'm cute but I kind of know I'm below average but they wont be honest with me. I just took this quiz and the results were just too painfully honest. You can take the quiz below and share your results with me, are you Hot or Ugly?

Open Question: Fat for a 13 year old?

im 13 years old, i weigh 87 pounds and im 5ft.2 and i was wondering if i was fat? i think im fat but thats just my opnion and no i dont want attention from this, thankyou :)

Open Question: Is Skinny Pants Syndrome SPS true?

okay, i was watching Sonny with a chance and they said something bout skinny pants syndrome. i wear skinny pants. is what they said true?

Open Question: I have a scrape on my lower leg and im really self conscious about it?

my doctor already gave me some mederma gel but it doesnt seem to show any progress.. my parents and my sister keep saying that i shouldn't worry about other peoplle looking at me but i really care that people always stare atme

Open Question: Could this be ADHD or something else?

I know it's summer but I'm horrified to go back to school because my school hate me because of my 'behavioural problems' and my lack of organisation. I apparently have the 'attention span of a goldfish' and I always start doing one things and ten seconds later I'm trying to sort something else out and have no idea what I was supposed to be doing. My family are getting annoyed because I 'act like a five year old' and am always running around. I can't sit theough long presentations or movies because I get distracted and am often told by people to sit still. Also, I'm scared to wake up every day in case I do or say something stupid and I keep thinking about suicide. The thing is, I'm scared because I know I'll be really happy in a few days/weeks and people will start getting freaked out (again). I really think something is wrong with me. My school think it's ADHD, my friends think it's bipolar disorder.

Open Question: Can I go swimming with my period WITHOUT using a tampon?

This week my camp is having a pool party, and I really wanna go swimming. I'm scared of using a tampon, and I've always used pads/pantiliners. My swimwear is a dark blue color, and I'm wondering if I'll be okay just wearing that in the water.I've been reading a bunch of mixed answers saying that you shouldn't, or it's fine not to use a tampon, but can anyone give me one definite answer?

Open Question: HELP!!! Swollen lymph nodes around collar bone ane neck!?

Hi im 16 and ive had a bunch of large swollen lymph nodes around my collar bone and lower neck for the past 3 to 4 months. im not sick, in fact i almost never get sickm even a common cold. i have a really strong immune system which makes this even more odd. the nodes can move around when i touch them but theres like a cluster of them and they are super easy to feel even just by touching my neck. i keep feeling them to see if theyre still there. and they are. my mom told me if i stop touching them theyll go away but i have a feeling this is more serious than that. by the way i am very underweight and i was anemic when i was like 7 but it only lasted a year (i took some vitamins) so i dont know if that has something to do with it. they dont really bother me unless i apply pressure, yet i always try to sleep on the side of my body with the swollen lymph nodes cause the pillow feels really nice and it somehow relieves the tight feeling. i dont want to see a doctor because i am soo unbelievably scared theyll give me a shot in my neck, or suck out some of the lymph node for testing or even worse cut my neck open just for a stupid sample.. i wouldnt mind if they just did an xray or something and then gave me antibiotics but the idea of haveing a needle in my NECK disturbs me and doctors always overreact to otherwise simply treated things to make money... omg now my neck hurts just thinking about needles. ahhhhh please help me, and tell me your experiences or what i should do or tell the doctor so they dont stick me with needles thank you.

Open Question: cervical cancer burning cells, What is the aftercare people have?

My brother's girlfriend had some cells burnt away a few months ago. She has got the all clear. I just wanted to know what advice does the hospital offer you? She told my brother he has to wear condoms for the next four years, Is that true?

Open Question: Is my best friend overreacting, what do you guys think?

We are both 18 years old guys who just graduated high school about 3 1/2 weeks ago, been best friends since pre-school. So about two months ago, I made a comment to a new picture my best friend posted on MySpace saying: "You look chubbier, is it the food from McDonalds?" in a joking manner, with expression faces and such, indicating that I was joking, he makes it so he has to approve the comment before being posted, when I try to find out if he approved my comment (which was a joke), I found out he deleted me from MySpace. After that I apologized tremendously lots of times, but not to the point where it annoys him. The reaction I got was him being angry, cussing me out, and asking me to stop texting him. I did all I can to make amends, I tried calling but he hung up on me. meeting him in person is out of the question because in order for that to happen, we need to call each other first. I messaged him on Facebook (I have him as a friend there still) apologizing sincerely, as well as text, indicating to him I still care about him. So I had him as a friend on Facebook all this time, but TODAY, he chose TODAY to block me from viewing or posting on his wall, everyone can see his wall accept me! I can't believe he's still mad at me for this, I mean after all, it's been almost two months since this happened. We already missed each other's birthdays, I said Happy Birthday to him, but he didn't say it to me. If I call he'll just hang up on me. He is super skinny, so I don't know why it would offend him so much. On his Facebook (When I could still view his wall), it indicates that he's currently had another falling out with another one of his friends, he talked about being a backstabber and such to another friend, and asking his other friend to forgive him. We graduated high school 3 1/2 weeks ago, and we go to different high schools. By the way, this is the ONLY reason why he's mad at me. He did mention that working at McDonald's is stressful, if that helps? How do I recover this friendship? I'm going through so much right now and I seriously don't need this, please help me to the best of your ability, and if you have any more questions about this, please email me, thanks!

Open Question: what height will i be at my adult height?

i'm 15 nearly 16 years old, i'm 5ft3 1/2 nearly 5ft 4 my mum is 5ft2 and my dad is 5ft 7 - 5ft8 (i'm not sure.) my mums side are all quite short from around 5ft 2 - 5ft 5 and my dads side are all rather tall from 5ft7 - 6ft 3 I've always wanted to do modeling but so far i haven't the height to and probably won't ever be able to reach that tall. what do you think my adult height will be?