Open Question: HELP!!! Swollen lymph nodes around collar bone ane neck!?

Hi im 16 and ive had a bunch of large swollen lymph nodes around my collar bone and lower neck for the past 3 to 4 months. im not sick, in fact i almost never get sickm even a common cold. i have a really strong immune system which makes this even more odd. the nodes can move around when i touch them but theres like a cluster of them and they are super easy to feel even just by touching my neck. i keep feeling them to see if theyre still there. and they are. my mom told me if i stop touching them theyll go away but i have a feeling this is more serious than that. by the way i am very underweight and i was anemic when i was like 7 but it only lasted a year (i took some vitamins) so i dont know if that has something to do with it. they dont really bother me unless i apply pressure, yet i always try to sleep on the side of my body with the swollen lymph nodes cause the pillow feels really nice and it somehow relieves the tight feeling. i dont want to see a doctor because i am soo unbelievably scared theyll give me a shot in my neck, or suck out some of the lymph node for testing or even worse cut my neck open just for a stupid sample.. i wouldnt mind if they just did an xray or something and then gave me antibiotics but the idea of haveing a needle in my NECK disturbs me and doctors always overreact to otherwise simply treated things to make money... omg now my neck hurts just thinking about needles. ahhhhh please help me, and tell me your experiences or what i should do or tell the doctor so they dont stick me with needles thank you.