Open Question: My mom's stomach has been hurting a lot-what could it be?

Her stomach has been hurting for the past two days, right under her ribs. It also feels like pinching. She feels full all day long; she gets exceedingly full after eating small portions of food, for example: a muffin. She also has a weird, odd feeling.

Open Question: Will biting down on a brace bracket brake it?

I've just got braces and I can't bite down because of the bracket getting in the way and I was wondering if it will brake the bracket?

Open Question: I am 13 and have a period question!?

Last night I started getting Runny brown discharge only red when I wiped. Today its red when I wipe and on my pad its a nasty poop like brown (its not poop) My periods usually start off with a red clump but now its starting brown. Is this my period?

Open Question: When people come as guests to your house, do you serve them food that is healthy or junk that you THINK (read)?

they would want? - personally i try to serve healthy versions of "comfort food" or healtier versions at least. but lets separate the times: so for dinner/meals, or for say a superbowl party or world series party or something like that? what would you serve?

Open Question: Is it normal for a "tomboy" to have a girl crush, on a celebrity?

Everybody already teases me for being lesbian (which I'M NOT) because of the way I dress up (jeans and a T shirt), walk(I just walk normally), my interest in gadgets, and nil interest in makeup/dressing up. And well, when I first joined school, I had a short haircut and looked like a guy (skinny 13yr old guy), now I've got longer hair though and do not look like a guy anymore. This recent celebrity "girl crush" (totally non sexual, only kinda obsession), has got me thinking if there's something wrong with me (I'm not saying being gay is wrong, but I'm NOT GAY). I can't even tell my friends(not all of them are like real friends, they're really cruel) like I can about the "guy crushes" , they'll make my life hell. What should I do to FEEL normal? I'm 23.

Open Question: i used a tampon for the first time?

an i was not on my period just wanted to try im virgin but when i stuck the tampon in i felt like something tear an no pain but when i removed it i felt pain an seen blood WHAT HAPPENED

Open Question: How do i prevent the spread of Mono?

Here is the deal, pickle. Prom is in 2 days. And with my luck, I've caught Mono. Form where? I don't know. First guess would be my girlfriend, but she isn't sick. I'm not a player, so i haven't kissed any other girl. But how i got it isn't the problem, its how to not spread it. The doctors say its very contagious, and with my girlfriend wanting to leave the country this summer for vacation, doesn't want to take any chances. The ways i know to spread Mono is kissing, sneezing, coughing, someone eating/drinking after me, or just plain breathing. I haven't been coughing, or sneezing. I don't think I'm as contagious as everyone says i am. I could be completely wrong. I'm super pissed because this has robbed me of my prom, and i need to know if there is a way i can still go and minimize or completely reduce my ability to spread the virus. Ive thought of wearing a mask, but she doesn't think that idea would even work. I need serious help in finding a way, or someone else is going to get to dance with the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Help me people of Yahoo!

Open Question: Is it normal for a "tomboy" to have a girl crush, on a celebrity?

Everybody already teases me for being lesbian (which I'M NOT) because of the way I dress up (jeans and a T shirt), walk(I just walk normally), my interest in gadgets, and nil interest in makeup/dressing up. And well, when I first joined school, I had a short haircut and looked like a guy (skinny 13yr old guy), now I've got longer hair though and do not look like a guy anymore. This recent celebrity "girl crush" (totally non sexual, only kinda obsession), has got me thinking if there's something wrong with me (I'm not saying being gay is wrong, but I'm NOT GAY). I can't even tell my friends(not all of them are like real friends, they're really cruel) like I can about the "guy crushes" , they'll make my life hell. What should I do to FEEL normal? I'm 23.

Open Question: Getting Tonsils removed?

My sister is getting her tonsils removed tomorow and the doctor said she has to stay overnight with my mum. I am really worried that something can go wrong in the operation. Is there a chance something can go wrong and for those who have experienced this, does it hurt a lot? please help!

Open Question: What can help to relieve constipation so i can have a poo?

I've got constipation and at the moment because of it i'm feeling a niggling pain in my lower abdomen, but i don't know whether it is from constipation or because i trained my abs hard yesterday, so it could be either one, but i have constipation and it's annoying me because i have had no sign of bowel movement yet. What should i eat or do to help improve it?? I really want a poo, just so i can have that relieved feeling.

Open Question: I need ideas of what to do about my back pain?

Okay i jus turned 14 not long ago, I'm 5"1 and I weigh 105 and my back pain is really bad, my bra size is 34c, I'm suposed to be a 32d or something but the straps never fit so I wear 34c cause the straps and cups fit good but should I get a custum fitted bra to help my back pain or should I go to the doctor and see wat they can do? Like give me pain pills to help the pain., please help

Open Question: will overdosing on fish oil (omega 3s) make you gain weight in any way?

i barely eat now cause im tryna lose weight. i also want clear glowing skin, so i want to take around 8-10 fish oil pills a day. is that okay? idc if its bad for you.. but will it make me gain weight?

Open Question: does marijuana lower your iron level?



Open Question: is this normal for a 17 year old?

I have a 17 year old daughter who screams in her dreams every other night, or at least 3 times a week. she doesn't seem to remember her dreams. is this normal? its been going on for a month or so? usually in the past she would just scream in her dreams ocasionally..

Open Question: Looking for healthy meal ideas, can u help me?

Hi! i just started the slim fast diet and im exercising and eating healthy too. Do you have any ideas of and meals i could make. I'm not picky. i like tofu and wierd stuff as well as everything else (Thats why i got to be so chunky

Open Question: I need a Guy's help!!!!! (Men ONLY! sorry)?

I have guy/Health questions some sexual... I hate going back and forth on here...MESSAGE ME!!!! Yahoo Messenger...My Yahoo ID is: ndck74 THANK YOU!!!!!

Open Question: Why would clogged arteries be a health risk?

Open Question: School stress causes unrealted anxiety?

I am under a lot of stress from school, I'm trying to catch up, i've got test projects you name it everything. But yeah, recently i keep thinking i got this disease and i got that disease its weird but yeah, can this be caused by school stress?


Okay, well I'm a 10 year old girl and I need your help with this... Okay, my temples feel weird.. I makes me wanna grind my teeth.. Idk Why so can someone tell me why!!! Im scared!! should i take caution??

Open Question: how to take out painful cavity teeth at home?

Open Question: why do i get jealous over the stupidest things?

my friend asked me to hangout today i said i couldnt so she hungout w/ my boyfriend and this wh-ore that likes my boyfirend.. he didnt ask me if i wanted to hangout and they had so much fun while i stayd home with my period being worried about how i hav to go back to counselling soon.. he also said he was annoyed @ me because i told someone something i appparently wasnt supposed to say (he said hes kinda over it though) he also said hes sorry we didnt hangout today.. am i being crazy about this for no reason.. i just feeel like shit all the time like everyone is always better than me at everything and that i cant dry over things because i dont deserve to because my lifes not bad enough for me to feel bad for myself.. i think the only reason i'm so self-pitying is because i'm on my period but most the time i feel the same about these things just not AS sad and upset about them.. i also feel like i dont deserve a boyfriend b/c there arent any good qualities about me.. i'm jealous, not generous, ugly, dumb and i just dont see why ppl like me so much i literally only have 2 friends and everyone else hates me.. i tried cutting myself but i stopped b/c i dont feel like my lifes bad enough that i deserve that either.. i never really thought ii hated myself but at this piont i cant even stand seeing my name anymore.. i ALWAYS feel like shit and i feel like deaths too good for me i cant stand any of my qualities.. my appearance, my voice.. none of it.. i really wanna talk to someone asap please can someone just talk to me on facebook or youtube or something?? ( my youtube is emoxfroggy and facebook is!/profile.php?id= ) i spilled my guts to a school counsellor and all she said was 'promise me u wont hurt yourself this weekend'' and ''we need to get you help'' i told her how i was molested once and almost had it happen again.. i feel like i'm not normal like how every 14 yr had maybe 1 or 2 sexual experiences i had over 8 (2 w/ adults and the rest were kids).. it was nver my idea but i NEVER said 'no' .. i wont say anymore about that crap but i just wanna feel better about myself.. i dont feel proud about even one thing i did.. everything i say oor do i regret later.. i'm only happy when i'm alone and on my mp3 player i think about suicide everyday yet i will NEVER do it because i'm scared and it wont be worth it b/c as i said i regret everything (either i'd end up in hell or my soul would just dissappear or sumthing) i feel like evryone hates me and i dont telll ppl how i feel because i dont really see how it helps except like cutting or crying, for a second you feel better .. srry this is so long.. i'm online until about 3:00 so message me on youtube or facebook NOT on yahoo i have over 1,000 unread messages and i'm not going through hell to look for a message (sorry if that came out rude )

Open Question: Pain after wisdom teeth extraction?

I had all 4 wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago. But occasionly my jaw and just mouth in general KILL. Ussually later on in the day it starts to kick in. Is this normal? And if so , how long does it hurt for

Open Question: Could you wash your warts and them get soft and go away?

i've never really had warts before, there on one of my toes ( the front ) and there rather small like a sprinkle kind of small lol. or could you put lotion on them for days and then maybe something will happen? i wont to do something without spending money i have soap and lotion and stuff lol. Thanks

Open Question: Can you help me feel good about myself?

I was verbally bullied from 6th grade through 10th grade. I feel very awful and ashamed that I was constantly and severely made fun of, talked about, and ridiculed for 5 years. I am currently in the eleventh grade and I am still constantly picked on. When I see the people that picked on me or used to pick on me, I get very angry and sad because I think of all the things they have said or done to torment me. I really don't understand why I get bullied every year. My self-esteem is so low that I can't even think of one good thing about myself. I have no TALENT or WORTH There are NO good things about me. I hate being me. I hate myself because I know it's my fault that alot of people have victimized me and made me the target of constant ridicule and jokes. I hate myself beause I am a very weak and vulnerable person. I cry everyday I'm always made fun of and have been for 5 years. I feel remorseful because I spent all of teen years being miserable and verbally bullied. Once again, I am a worthless, weak person person who is very stupid. I blame myself everyday for being verbally bullied constantly for every year.

Open Question: im 5'9 and measurement 31-23.5-32. Can i be a teen model?

doctor says its hard to tell if I will keep growing or not.

Open Question: What's wrong with me?

Ive eaten plenty today, and i was out skateboarding, Then i started feeling weak and faint, everything started getting blurry, my body was shaking, and i felt like i had no energy, like i was about to pass out.. So I came in and had a huge glass of milk and then i started feeling better.

Open Question: How to obtain my patient information from the Arizona Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program?

I am fighting the Veteran's Administration with regards to their discontinuing me from any further pain medications last year. Through my contact with my local Congressman, I learned that (contrary to what I was told in August) that the "real" reason I was discontinued was from going outside the VA provider to obtain narcotics. I was mailed a letter stating this information came from the record at the Arizona Controlled Substance Monitoring Program, however, there is nothing I can find on their website or by phone that explains how I can request and obtain the aforementioned "record". I am asking for help in obtaining this record, as I need to see exactly what it is that has put me in this unfortunate position. The VA callously stopped all my pain medications (after being on a gradually increasing dose for five and a half years) with absolute disdain for the withdrawals I experienced afterward. I believe that their changing of their answer from August to my contacting my Congressman recently is nothing more than stonewalling-it took two months to even get this answer. I visited a non-VA emergency room twice for breakout pain from my hand that the VA wouldn't treat before my discontinuance, yet in August their reason for discontinuance was I visited the VA's ER and got one day's worth of pills as my prescription ran out on a Saturday and the pharmacist refused to fill it on Friday (leaving me to go to the VA ER that Sunday) I have no doubt that I will be vindicated in the end, I just need to arm myself with the truth and push forward.

Open Question: My best friend has osephagus cancer, he has had chemo and radiotherapy.?

He always goes into consultations on his own. He only has mum and dad and us few friends, so nobody knows what prognosis is. He has lost lots of weight and can no longer eat solid foods, of any kind, and is on energy drinks and shakes now. He last resort is to have stent put in , but does not think he can tolerate the procedure. How long do you think he may have left as we want to make his life left as pleasant as possible.

Open Question: Whats wrong with my pussy?

Ok im getting very worried my pussy is constantly wet......even just after being out in the garden for a little while...... Also my pussy never gets excited anymore even when i treat her........... How can i help her Also my pussy has stopped growing hair should i be worried?Will this turn others off her? SHOULD I BE WORRIED? BECAUSE I AM All answers are appreciated thanks so much im really really worried. ps i have named her JUICY LUCY and i have a ginger pussy

Open Question: How can I get tired right after adrenaline ?

So i just had a huge fight wsomth some ex-friends and my heart is racing. Before i was really tired but now im wide awake. How can I get tired again?

Open Question: How to ask doctor to put me on xanax?

Alright, I have a anxiety problem and all my friends can see it too, like when I go to a store and someone talks to me (or a store greeter) and I start to tense up and get red and almost start panicking. I also have it really bad when I talk on the phone too... So do I just go to the doctor and ask him for it? I know I should tell him about my anxiety problems too.. Also, what if he doesn't put me on it? Should I try to see another doctor?

Open Question: I have a black reddish n shape scar on left centre side of my forehead.(i dnt want any buffoon comments)?

I have a black reddish n shape scar on left centre side of my forehead.(i dnt want any buffoon comments)? i woke up one day when i was in 7th grade and there was this black scar or i dnt exactly know what it is. it is a mark or something but interesting thing is i never got it from burn or any fall, it just appeared. it's texture and color reduces so much some times tht it is not visible and smtimes it is very dark.In some of my photos it is easily visible and in some it is not there. hv been to doctors they dont know what it is, it never itches ya but it pains smtimes very occassionally.. last time it pained was 2 years back. even people continuously ask me tht how i get a wound there ..nd it was not some days back...i just reply it is there from last 8 years it just vanishes some times....I m very curious what it is???This is not a gimmick or something, i am 20 yr old boy i am thinking to go through laser to remove it but just want to know if someone in world knows what it is ??? and why it vanishes or lightens up and then on some days it is dark like a nip of pencil???(it is not even a birthsign as i never had it till 7th class not a bit of it) answer me if you can help.(i m looking forward to replies from people doing doctrates in dermotology or any one who has knowledge of this)

Open Question: i am 17 years old......i have been takin out cum from 15.....3 or 4 times a week...sometimes 2 times a week...?

but the problem is after i take it out i feel dizzy,sleepy for the rest of the day.even ........i get a headache sometimes......i am a gud i need to know if dis is a disease or not becoz my friends say dat they do it everyday but nothin happens to them.....nowadays i take out only once a week......should i stop it totally?........has it got many side effects??is it dangerous??is it harmful for the memory or my nervous system??

Open Question: HELP!!! My diet is not working!!!?

I am a 5'5 female, and i weigh around 106-107 pounds. I am trying so hard to lose weight. Everyday I eat: one serving (1 cup) of special k cereal with less than 1/2 cup milk 3/4 of a fiber bar a medium apple the smallest amount of dinner i can get away with why am i not losing weight? sometimes the scale says i am getting heavier! what should i do?

Open Question: gardasil side effects.?

im 18 i got my last gardasil shot today, i had no reaction to the ones before.. i got the shot around 430 and at about 1030 i started getting nauseas and a headache. now its 1249 and im starting to feel a little better but a couple minutes ago i could just cry cause i felt so horrible. my eyes were hurting..i was dizzy i had chills and a headache.. i took meclizine for my nausea earlier..and i didnt think it was a good idea to take a tylenol.. anyway my question is if these side effects sound normal? i dont want to wake up my mom to take me to the hospital to wait forever then get sent home..i would feel stupid.. i have a doctors appt on tuesday so i will definetly be bringing this up.. i feel so tired but cant fall asleep..

Open Question: I need a workout plan or a list of workouts to do?

Hi, I'm currently 14, I'm pretty skinny right now and over summer i want to work out hard and bulk up a little. I need some workouts to do. I currently have dumbells with adjustable weight, a lateral pull down bar (adjustable weight) a pullup bar and a bar for tricep dips. I need some more workouts, or things i can do. maybe just like a list of things I can do with a dumbell anyway thanks

Open Question: I need to work on my upper body?

Recently, I lost 30 pounds. Now that I lost the weight, I want to gain muscle. What are some good exercises to work out my biceps and triceps and how many sets and reps?

Open Question: Good treadmill and losing weight?

Ok i know many of you will say i am too young and things but i would like some answers please :) I am 13 and about 5'7-5'8 i am of a muscular build as i do much horse riding yet i am overweight and would like to have nice looking thighs. My parents are thinking about getting a treadmill as my dad is a runner and i do not want to run in the streets in front of my friends Any good treadmills reccommened would be good thanx And any good quick losing weight things would be good aswell and pleasee none of that akai berry and things like it pleaassseee already tried weight watchers and stuff xxx

Open Question: How can I tell if My doctor gave me a Placebo?

I have been on January 2010 and I recently changed doctors. I asked my new doctor for an Ambien Cr RX and he was a bit hesitant, but he prescribed it anyways. After using it for a few days I still have not been able to fall asleep, I don't even become drowsy. My question is, how can I tell if my Dr gave me a placebo?

Open Question: I look fat in my lacrosse skort!!?

I'm not THAT fat, i'm just short and all of it goes to my legs (which are very short) so they look like stubs. I'm very self conscious of my legs and we are required to wear our little tiny skorts to school SCHOOL tomorrow. Are there any tricks in making your legs look better?

Open Question: do i have an eating disorder? im scared?

Ok. Im average weight for my height and age. I am 14. Ive been dieting ever since i was about 12. Ive never liked my weight since i hit high school. Because some people call me fat and names. I started a good diet about a month ago and have lost so far about 10 pounds. When i first started i just didnt eat junk food. But its got worse. I cant help it, im scared. I know im fat inside my head and i want to lose weight but but but. a part of me is saying its wrong and i dont know what to do. I dont want my mum to shout at me and say im doing it for attention. Im not i really am not. My friend told me im stupid and silly for doing it and tells me in not fat but i know shes lying and she said i need help. can you help me. im scared.

Open Question: i need to lose 15 k of my weight in 2 monthes with a healthy way?

i'm 180 tall, 106 k weight , i need to be 90 k by mid june but in a safe way i mean without drugs

Open Question: where is the best place to buy gauze and surgical tape?

it appears i will have to use gauze and surgical tape for the rest of my life. i would need to buy gauze 4x4 and surgical tape indefinitely. i need to find a place that will offer me the best possible price on these two items. thank you in advance y/a people.

Open Question: Did i have my period??????????

Today i went to school and then i went to the bathroom and my underwear was like brown with (i couldnt really tell if i had red in there) i didnt know if i had shit myself or something (lol) so i put a thick piece of toliet paper in and i went again about 2 hours later and it was brown on the toilet paper. but it was like dry and i didnt even know about it until i went to the bathroom. So did i have my period? cuz i dont wanna tell my mom sayin i did if i didnt. :P :P help??

Open Question: i feel like something is stuck in my throat?

when i swallow i feel like something is in the back of my throat

Open Question: what can cause lowgrade chronic fever?

Open Question: what's the best thing for a dry ,very tickly cough?

Open Question: advice about an abortion..?

My friend is 21 and pregnant and her boyfriend wants her to keep it but she doesnt think shes ready or really would be able to have one and wanted a abortion untill her boyfriend kept telling her to keep it and his mother kept saying he'll support her .i know shes not ready for one because she still smokes and does some pills so i think she should stick with her descion to not keep it and her boyfriend is a drug addict so why should a baby be brought into this world to have parents like that? plus her parents don't even know shes pregnant yet and thats where her baby would be living and shes atleast 2 months pregnant now what advice should i give her? and i dont want any anwsers from people who are against abortions and especially if your a male because you will never be pregnant so shut your face . and whatever mean negative things you say i will just laugh and won't care so just don't waste your time and anwser someone else question

Open Question: why doctors MUST save lives when one is ill?

I am doing a debate, and also making an arugument. I am having trouble coming up with ideas. Help PLEASE! thnx :)

Open Question: How far in do you inject steroids?

Open Question: my joints are in extreme amounts of pain, why?

its mainly in my ankles, knees, hips and my right elbow and wrist. i went to the doctor and she said she doesnt have enough science to know whats wrong? so that didnt help one bit. i have arthritis in my family, my mum thinks its been passed down to me, but again im not certain. has anyone else had something similar? or any suggestions to what is wrong?

Open Question: do you know where in chennai stomach ph monitor test to test stomach acid is performed?

I wanted to know the hospital in chennai which could perform stomach ph monitor test to test stomach acid level. Also suggest gastroenterology I know its not done in apollo chennai. Appreciate you help.

Open Question: Would you sue over tripping over a phone line at work?

I tripped over a phone line at work at my supervisors desk, I didnt notice the line when I turned to walk away, i'm pregnant and fell left side down hurting my knee, shoulder, and left lower belly. I was taken to the ER where i'm now in a leg brace and a sling for torn ligments in my shoulder, but thank god the baby they said the heart rate was good but that is all they checked. Should I sue the government company I work for, for this? I on the other hand was told I'd not owe any bills towards my injury through workers comp. If i did sue what could i get out of the settlement?

Open Question: I have sinus pressure in my cheekbone area, which has lasted for 2 months, is this normal?

Ok, in July of 2009 my ears began to hurt, I went to the doctor and they said I just had ear wax build-up, (as a result of me being too scared to put the ear swab deep into my ear canal), after a few weeks, I began to get headaches everyday, even if I would wake up first and have four full glasses of water I would have headaches. my doctor gave me nasonex, which did nothing, but I used it until it was all gone. Well, it's April now and my sinus pressure is kicking my butt. If I walk my face starts pounding, if I smile or laugh it just feels worse. I have taken claratin, Patanese, Sudafed, thera-flu, Alka Seltzer, you name it and I have taken it. Can anyone give me any tips? I have tried a facial mist, I gargled with apple cider vinegar, and I have used the hot wash cloth. I have also noticed I'm a little more tired and forget-full, is that normal for me?

Open Question: How much weight can I lose juicing?

I want to buy a juicer and start juicing but I want to know how much weight can I lose? and how fast can I lose weight by juicing? I know I have to exercise as well so Im going to buy a bike the same day I buy my juicer

Open Question: Do i have to renew my contact prescription even though not old?

I went for a glasses and contact exam in oct of 2009, i just ended up getting glasses. Now for a upcoming event i need contacts, do i need to renew?

Open Question: My Doctor prescribed Kapidex for acid reflux, before starting it i had had a problem with diarrhea, where I co?

I have acid reflux and was prescribed Kapidex, before starting Kapidex I had gone to the Dr. for a routine exam and stated that I was having trouble with diarrhea and sometimes donot have time to make it to the bathroom. Since I've started taking kapidex the symptoms are worse, strong stomach cramps and an immediate rush to the bathroom. My Doctor said when I first mentioned it to him before the kapidex ,that it may be caused because I don't have a gall bladder, but its been over twenty years since I had it taken out, should I stop the medication?

Open Question: am i fat or skinny and am i short or tall?

i am in 7th grade and i am 13 years old, my height is 4 feet 11 inches, my weight is 80 lbs or less, and my waist size is about 25 or 24 inches

Open Question: i think im bi but im ashamed of it..?

i'm really into girls but i get a boner for certain guys.. i mean i don't want to be gay, but i cant help getting a boner....

Open Question: How to lower blood pressure in matter of hours?

I am going to go get the MEPS military physical and i know with me being stressed there i WILL have over 140/90 BP and will disqualify.... i was wondering if i was to eat something or chug a buncha water ( lets say a few liters within a hour) would it drop my blood pressure greatly?? lets say 6-8 points?? i seem to be running around 136/83 average idk why... i excerise and am skinny