Open Question: How do i prevent the spread of Mono?

Here is the deal, pickle. Prom is in 2 days. And with my luck, I've caught Mono. Form where? I don't know. First guess would be my girlfriend, but she isn't sick. I'm not a player, so i haven't kissed any other girl. But how i got it isn't the problem, its how to not spread it. The doctors say its very contagious, and with my girlfriend wanting to leave the country this summer for vacation, doesn't want to take any chances. The ways i know to spread Mono is kissing, sneezing, coughing, someone eating/drinking after me, or just plain breathing. I haven't been coughing, or sneezing. I don't think I'm as contagious as everyone says i am. I could be completely wrong. I'm super pissed because this has robbed me of my prom, and i need to know if there is a way i can still go and minimize or completely reduce my ability to spread the virus. Ive thought of wearing a mask, but she doesn't think that idea would even work. I need serious help in finding a way, or someone else is going to get to dance with the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Help me people of Yahoo!