Open Question: gardasil side effects.?

im 18 i got my last gardasil shot today, i had no reaction to the ones before.. i got the shot around 430 and at about 1030 i started getting nauseas and a headache. now its 1249 and im starting to feel a little better but a couple minutes ago i could just cry cause i felt so horrible. my eyes were hurting..i was dizzy i had chills and a headache.. i took meclizine for my nausea earlier..and i didnt think it was a good idea to take a tylenol.. anyway my question is if these side effects sound normal? i dont want to wake up my mom to take me to the hospital to wait forever then get sent home..i would feel stupid.. i have a doctors appt on tuesday so i will definetly be bringing this up.. i feel so tired but cant fall asleep..