Open Question: How to obtain my patient information from the Arizona Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program?

I am fighting the Veteran's Administration with regards to their discontinuing me from any further pain medications last year. Through my contact with my local Congressman, I learned that (contrary to what I was told in August) that the "real" reason I was discontinued was from going outside the VA provider to obtain narcotics. I was mailed a letter stating this information came from the record at the Arizona Controlled Substance Monitoring Program, however, there is nothing I can find on their website or by phone that explains how I can request and obtain the aforementioned "record". I am asking for help in obtaining this record, as I need to see exactly what it is that has put me in this unfortunate position. The VA callously stopped all my pain medications (after being on a gradually increasing dose for five and a half years) with absolute disdain for the withdrawals I experienced afterward. I believe that their changing of their answer from August to my contacting my Congressman recently is nothing more than stonewalling-it took two months to even get this answer. I visited a non-VA emergency room twice for breakout pain from my hand that the VA wouldn't treat before my discontinuance, yet in August their reason for discontinuance was I visited the VA's ER and got one day's worth of pills as my prescription ran out on a Saturday and the pharmacist refused to fill it on Friday (leaving me to go to the VA ER that Sunday) I have no doubt that I will be vindicated in the end, I just need to arm myself with the truth and push forward.