Open Question: Can you help me feel good about myself?

I was verbally bullied from 6th grade through 10th grade. I feel very awful and ashamed that I was constantly and severely made fun of, talked about, and ridiculed for 5 years. I am currently in the eleventh grade and I am still constantly picked on. When I see the people that picked on me or used to pick on me, I get very angry and sad because I think of all the things they have said or done to torment me. I really don't understand why I get bullied every year. My self-esteem is so low that I can't even think of one good thing about myself. I have no TALENT or WORTH There are NO good things about me. I hate being me. I hate myself because I know it's my fault that alot of people have victimized me and made me the target of constant ridicule and jokes. I hate myself beause I am a very weak and vulnerable person. I cry everyday I'm always made fun of and have been for 5 years. I feel remorseful because I spent all of teen years being miserable and verbally bullied. Once again, I am a worthless, weak person person who is very stupid. I blame myself everyday for being verbally bullied constantly for every year.