Open Question: do i have an eating disorder? im scared?

Ok. Im average weight for my height and age. I am 14. Ive been dieting ever since i was about 12. Ive never liked my weight since i hit high school. Because some people call me fat and names. I started a good diet about a month ago and have lost so far about 10 pounds. When i first started i just didnt eat junk food. But its got worse. I cant help it, im scared. I know im fat inside my head and i want to lose weight but but but. a part of me is saying its wrong and i dont know what to do. I dont want my mum to shout at me and say im doing it for attention. Im not i really am not. My friend told me im stupid and silly for doing it and tells me in not fat but i know shes lying and she said i need help. can you help me. im scared.