Open Question: How your mom can find out that you masturbate?

I just came up with a realization that it is pointless for kids to believe that by being super sneaky, they can conceal their habit of masturbating (to porn) from their parents. How? Well, if you didn't masturbate, you'd get wet dreams. And if your mom does the laundry, she can see this. If your clothes are "clean", it can only mean three things: 1) you sleep in the nude (unlikely) 2) you are asexual (lol) 3) you are masturbating. So really, unless moms are particularly stupid, they certainly will have noticed this and can tell whether their son has begun masturbating, or not. Don't you agree?

Open Question: Is this good if I'm trying to get in shape?

I'm a girl, about to turn 14. I'm a little under 5'1" and usually weigh around 110 lbs. However, I got pretty depressed this summer and gained a lot of weight. Now I'm finally feeling better and I want to lose the weight I gained, plus a little more if possible. I play softball about 5-7 months out of the year (it depends if there's a fall league each year) but my eating habits aren't great. I was thinking I would start jogging (or at least walking and working my way up to jogging). I'm still a teenager, so I like to eat what other kids eat. Today I had some cucumber slices for breakfast with a small glass of milk, a glass of water, a grilled cheese on wheat bread, and some sugar free green tea. I'm going rollerblading later today, too. Am I on the right track? Is there something else I should be doing? Any tips are very much appreciated. Thank you!!!

Open Question: Lack of sleep and increased thirst/dry throat, does lack of sleep cause this?

This week I got a new 1st shift job and I left my 3rd shift job. I haven't been sleeping properly at night because I'm having trouble adjusting. I have only gotten about 2 hours of sleep a night since Sunday, it is now Friday. I have noticed that every day since about Tuesday I have been excessively thirsty and have a dry mouth feeling. I didn't have this before, it just started when I begun lacking sleep. How does lack of sleep cause this? I also have hypothyroidism but it is under control and I know this must be due to sleep deprivation because I didn't have these symptoms last week when my schedule was still "normal" for me. Please let me know what's up? Thanks!

Open Question: Two periods? IM THINKING ITS STRESS.?

I had sex on july 16th, and we were protected with a condom and he pulled out. I had a some bleeding when my period was suppose to arive but it was like a week early, it started Aug 3rd and should start on the 6th or so. This lasted for five days and was super light. Well yeasterday I started a pretty heavy flow and i have major cramps. What does this mean. I also had surgery on my nose on the tenth and I had to take a preg test and it came out neg. I have no symptoms what so ever of being preg. Also I have been under alot of stress. My mom had a heart attack last week and was fierd from work. I started my senior year too. Im thking all of this is due to stress. Any answers are helpful except negative ones cuz this is serious!!! Thank you!

Open Question: Women please help me =*(?

I'm crying so hard right now. I'm a virgin but my vagina is itching and burning i have bumps in it. It hurts but itches i'm only fourteen and it hurts. the bumps are itchy and the bumps are inside it...what is this!!! help how do i make it go away!!

Open Question: how much does it hurt to loose your virginity?

i need to know

Open Question: I want to exercise more?

What would be good to do to keep healthy and in shape. Im 16 and want to do classes. I was thinking about something similar to yoga. Any ideas?

Open Question: At what point do you tell someone you are dating you have an std?

I am HPV positive and new again to the dating seen. I'm not sure if this is something I need to tell a person as soon as we meet or do I wait until I think the relationship has become a sexual possibility. What if I meet him on an on-line dating site? Should I post it on my profile?

Open Question: In left sided heart failure, how does it progress to affect the right side of the heart?

Open Question: How do you control/get rid of oily skin?

I have really oily skin and it's embarrassing. I hate the feeling of it too. Its just gross and I want it to go away. I put on acne medicine the dermatologist gave me to put on in the mornings and lotion with spf 15 in it and then makeup. Within a few hours or less, my skin is extremely oily. I don't want to touch my face to get germs or anything on it so I'll go to the bathroom and dab it off. But then an hour later it's come back :( Is there something wrong with me? Is there anything I can do to get rid of it or at least help??? Thanks so much (:

Open Question: How does burning calories work?

Alright, so I started exercising today to go with my dieting. Now my question is, would a person who is heavier, and doing the same exercising as a person with a lower body weight burn the same amount of calories? I weight 280 lbs, walked on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes (for me just starting, this was alot :-\ ) and according the the machine i burned 165 calories. Now I have 2 theories on this, 1-Since I'm heavier, its sort of like carrying weights while walking, so I should burn more calories. 2-The more muscle a person has, the easier it is to burn fat, so a heavier person without much muscle will burn calories slower. So does anyone else have an opinion or knowledge on this? Thanks :)

Open Question: How does the vagina of transwomen smell .?

Out of interest i would like to know how does it smell , i mean what is the odour of the neo-vagina in transwomen..

Open Question: I am 14 and haven't started my period. Should I be concerned?

I have had all the signs; such has armpit hair, pubic hair, breast development [[I'm even a B]], vagginal discharge, etc.. Should I be concerned? I know that some of that "means that it will come soon", but I have had some of these signes for almost a year.

Open Question: Why can't i see out the left corner of my left eye?

Earlier, this weekend, I had a brief but sharp pain in the right side of my head that felt like it was pulsing. I believe this was caused by a stressful situation. Shortly after that, I was unable to see out the left corner of my right eye. Two days later, my head started hurting on the right side again whenever I shook my head, nodded my head or bent my head over. I went to a doctor and they say it might be due to sinuses. Could it be anything else?

Open Question: What causes an itchy bunghole?

Open Question: What could cause shooting pain from neck down back to inner thigh?

A guy at work, who has also turned a funny colour, has complained of this. Has he pulled a muscle, or could it be more serious... he's pretty fat and old.

Open Question: Do you like it when girls choke on your pickle?

Open Question: Can I take more Ibuprofen?

Lol, I have a phobia about overdosing... I took 3 around 6pm, and It's 1 am now.

Open Question: Period Problem....please help?

I have noticed that when I am near/ and on my period my sex drive is low and my feelings for the person that I really care about dulls down but once I am done with my period my sex drive is back up and my feels for this person goes into over drive and hits me like a truck. Is this normal????

Open Question: How can you tell the line between health and eating disorder?

I have been eating very healthy egg whites in the morning yogurt, string cheese, and fruit through the day and salad for dinner not exercising that much and dropping weight very quickly. I am very happy with the results just don't no if its healthy.

Open Question: Over Masturbation, need help.?

I am 17 years old now and have been masturbating since I can remember. I remember I used to do it like 5 times a day for years.. I have done it that much that my right pectoral muscle is so much bigger then my left and it looks like my tits are uneven (lol). I am an athlete and have been experiencing fatigue lately. I have been doing some research and it may have something to do with my testosterone levels. I am going to get a blood test this week. My question is how will this effect me later? What do you all suggest me to take (supplements, vitamins) to reduce fatigue and increase vitamin levels? Any help would be appreciated, thanks people.

Open Question: Weight Loss and Slim Belly.?

So, I have recently put on a little more weight within the last 2 years. I used to be skinny, but now I notice I have been developing a "gut". I was wondering, what are some things that I should be doing to reduce my weight and gain control before my gut gets worse? What food should I also be eating everyday?

Open Question: Detoxing from shooting up Oxy and vicodin?

My niece is going thru withdrawals. What helps to get her thru it............ I've been hooked on vicodin. The best way for me was come off them slowly. If I was doing 12 a day. Cut it back to six for a couple days, then 4, 2 and then one.

Open Question: is it possible to lose 3 lbs in one day if u dont eat anything?

Open Question: Does masturbating affects my performance in sports?

doest it make me weaker or tiered?

Open Question: what is a list of the best foods to eat while on chemo?

someone i know has breast cancer and im curious on a list of foods that are good to eat while on chemo

Open Question: Slight pain immediately after workout?

im in good shape, i work out and i know better than to hit certain muscles 2 days in a row... but sometimes i get a strain in my upper arm after lifting... its not a serious pain it doesnt really effect my life but i was wondering if it is normal? its very deep in the arm...i actually got it in my leg today also. its just sort of a strange feeling. im probably too vague to get any real info but im trying. i know its completely normal to have muscle soreness a day or 2 after a workout but this is not the same kind of pain. thanks - mj

Open Question: Do 15 and 20 year old really need to follow the diet plan for P90X?

Even if they are not over weight at all and just want to get toned up. Can we just make our own diet?

Open Question: How can I end my life-long constipation?

I'm 18 now and for as long as I can remember, I've always had trouble with bowel movements. When I was about 7 my mom would give me an enema because I wouldn't go, but those would rarely help either. At 13, I had a real bad spell of it. We went to a doctor, he took an X-ray and prescribed some steroids and said if it didn't clear up in 2 weeks, come back. It went away, but ever since then when something happens that makes me nervous, I'll get real bad constipated for a week or two. Even when I'm not nervous, I only manage one good bowel movement a week, but my parents won't take me to the doctor. I'm worried it may be cancer, but it's been like this as long as I can remember... Please HELP! P.S. I'm male if that makes any difference

Open Question: Late bloomer and height questions?

Hi, I know nobody has a forsure answer but I'd like to hear some other peoples stories. Im a 5ft 7 inch male at 17 years old with 4 months until im 18. My whole life iv never been a tall guy and iv NEVER had those growth spurts that all my friends have had, Iv simply grown a inch a year. My question is, is it still possible for me to reach 5 11 or even have a rapid growth spurt? My father is about 5ft 8 1/2 and my mother is about 5 ft 3. BUT my step brother on my fathers side, cousin on mothers side, gradfather and uncle on mothers side all are 6ft + up to 6ft 6 inches. Another thing iv noticed is that my physical traits seem to lack, I have a very kiddish face and sometimes mistaken for being 15, not to much facial hair and a thin frame. The only thing that appears to be developed is my male organs which are about 7 inches. Does this sound like a case of late bloomer or am I simply just a young looking small guy???

Open Question: Am i fat? and diet tips?

im 5'9 123-124 pounds i want to be 120 really bad HELP! girl 17

Open Question: How do you stop the smell of farts?

they smell horrible and i was wondering how you get passed the smell? old peoples farts are worse and i live with 5 of them. i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open Question: back problems!!ouch!?

i think i just slept on it funny but my back has been killing me. my friend and i slept in this tiny bed and i had to sleep in a weird position. but normally my back would loosen up that day but its been 2 days and it still hurts like it did the morning when i slept funny. any ways i can make my back not hurt? please asap because i have practice today and in my sport i use my back and legs alot!!!! HELP!!!

Open Question: 8 year old is having her tonsils & adenoids removed & getting tubes in her ears. I'm worried about recovery!?

What kind of recovery should I expect? Dr. said a sore throat & she will miss a week of school (not a big deal). I have read of quite a few kids being down & out, having the worst sore throat you can imagine, not eating & being on codine for pain. This is making me second guess the Dr. for down playing the recovery & I am thinking I need a 2nd opinion??? ANY help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Open Question: Girls I need help with a guy?

Girls I need help with a guy? I only slept with two different guys but I was in a long term relationship and I have always been satisfied with my love life. But now I am with this new guy he is really charming, good looking, and really romantic... When we started to get intimate and I saw his 0_0 it was huge. He was over twice the size in length and girth of my past boyfriends so everything came to a screeching halt because I got really nervous. It looks like it would hurt. Is it a good thing that he is bigger or is bigger not always better? Any tips because I really like him? Thanks everybody for answering...

Open Question: Getting your period early ..?

I'm 15 and my period was pretty regular. but my last period was around two weeks ago and it already came again .. does anyone know why ?

Open Question: skin on back gets itchy when its hot and when i scratch gets welts unbearable.....please help.Worst itch!!!?

Worst itch i have had.A lot worse when its is hot in the afternoon.Using steroid cream but not very helpful.

Open Question: Whats wrong with me will i die?

Ok so im 11 years old and every night i try to go to sleep (btw i go to sleep at 3 am (at the earliest) and some times even 6 or 5 am (is that bad) well every time i try to go to sleep i cant swallow then my throat gets really dry (NO SYLIVA AT ALL) and then i kinda cant breathe and have to sit up and take sips of water and i cant sleep at all i start to panic if i cant sleep becuz i cant breathe or have no syliva so i dont know whats wrong with me ): whats wrong with me? (by the way my parents smoke and i sleep with my dog (but im not allergic to him AND they DO NOT smoke around me)

Open Question: Dengue fever??????????????

Had dengue fever for about 6 days.. 101 to 104 F now the fever is normal from past 2 days 98F but platelets are 100000, is this normal..? is there any risk?

Open Question: Why are my boobs so sore?

I noticed last week that my boobs were slightly tender. I thought maybe it was just how I slept or something, so I waited to see if it went away. It's been over a week now, and they are even more sore. My breasts usually get tender a week before I start my period. But, my period isn't due for another 2 weeks. (So, they are tender three weeks before my due period, because they started hurting last week.) Also, usually when they're sore due to an upcoming period, they usually are extremely sore, especially around the nipples. This time they are only sore if I touch them, and they're sore all around the sides. I am NOT pregnant. I am a virgin. What could this be? Could it be the way I sleep? I NEVER sleep on my stomach, ever. But, I have been the past few weeks because it's soooo hot in my house, and I've been desperate to find a comfy sleeping position, lol. Thanks for the answers! : )

Open Question: my gum so swollen ???

My back gum lower right.... My wisdom tooth was removed there about a month ago... Now this annoying swell is located there....

Open Question: Do peanuts contain bad cholesterol or good cholesterol ?

Open Question: major ear infection problem HELP!!?

Here is the whole story. got an ear infection in both ears from swimming at a lake. Got antibiotics on sunday when both ears started pounding. monday they hurt so bad I got pain relievers, ear wax removal kit and swimmers ear just incase there was some water left in there. today is tuesday and my left ear is healing but my right ear is still hurting very badly (the pain comes and goes). I cant touch the ear because of pain, laydown because of pressure on the ear and its just killing me. Now I havent had an ear infection since I was like 5 or so, so I dont know whats normal. should I head back to the doctor/emergency room or ya think I should let the antibiotics work for a few more days? like I said...the left ear is getting better....plz help me out

Open Question: what does smoking foil do to your lungs?

People say it can give you some kind of cancer..

Open Question: What does dark hard stools covered with thick green mucus mean?

I just got out of the hospital yesterday for a hiatal hernia, but I have been getting severe lower abdominal pain as well as lower back pain that's been going on for 4 months now and just yesterday started getting some thick green mucous over my stools as well as black coffee ground looking pieces in my stools (sorry for the details guys : / Does anyone know what the green mucus could indicate? Any guidance please* Thank you all who reply, I truly appreciate it, Sincerely, A Worried Woman

Open Question: how do i get rid of stomach/hip fat?

thanks (:

Open Question: why is my acne like this? is there any solution or treatment?

my skin gets blemishes like a few big ones in different areas then i look really close and i see little tiny ones that arent very noticable but they are they and when i put some foundation on and stuff you can see the dimension, they never go away! like they have been there for months and stuff, like i DONT know how to get rid of them, i dont want to pop them to cause a bigger problem but is there anyway i can get rid of these? ive tried so many things!

Open Question: How much protein should i eat everyday?

I weigh 125-130lbs, im 5'4", and i was just wondering how much protein should i be eating per day just to be healthy? I've looked around on the internet but every site says something different. I do want to gain muscle but i dont weight train i just use my body weight.(Yoga, push ups, pull ups, etc.) So i don't know if that matters?

Open Question: tooth extracted 5 days ago? Is this healing right?

I had my furthest back left molar extracted five days ago. I smoke from day one, Its day five and the hole is smaller with like white new gums healing in, but the clot has gotten realy small. I can see in the hole a little bit, there's still a clot in there,it's dark red in color. The hole is like half the size it was five days ago. I was just wondering if this is normal and how long til the gums heal over so I can go back to eating whatever I want again.

Open Question: Can i be allergic to weed?

my first time i smoked weed, i felt like i was going to die. instead of being relaxed, i panicked and my heart was pounding REALLY FAST and i felt like i was going to die. i also almost passed out lol. my friends told me that i smoked way too much for me to handle and that i was trapped in a classroom. so i did some research and i read somewhere that people can be allergic to weed. can this be true or is this BS?

Open Question: Am I underweight? Or is it stress?

I'm a boy, 13, almost 14, weigh 100 pounds, and i'm 5'l 1/2. Everytime I get up and pretty much do anything, my heart starts to beat faster and harder. I also do it when I think of anything that upsets me, like anxiety or something. My mom says i'm underweight, and that's why my heart's beating so fast. Anyone have any ideas?

Open Question: Is it okay to constantly brush your teeth to relieve pain and pressure?

Okay so this past Friday I got separators in on both sides of my first molars, top and bottom, to prep for my braces in 3 weeks and it hurts a decent amount as well as having pressure from them creating space all the time. I have this toothbrush that they gave me to use and so far it helps relieve the pressure and pain whenever I brush over them with it, so is it okay? If not, is there something I can do or use to help relieve the pressure and pain?

Open Question: is there any ways to know approximately how tall will someone be in future?

like some calculations

Open Question: Can you break your hand by being hit with a pool ball?

I was at a party and i was playing darts while other people were playing pool and one flew off the table and hit my hand hard and now it really hurts. it left a bruise and a bump and i'm not sure if it's broken.

Open Question: Lossing Weight!?!? What else can I do!!!?

Ok so I am a 19 year old Female who is overweight! I want to loose weight really bad and I need help on doing so. I currently have No Job so I am not making any money. I cannot afford to go to a gym or eat really healthy.. We own a treadmill so I have been walking in the Treadmill EVERYDAY!!! This whole week almost a week and a half, I have been on the dreadmill Everyday walking 2-4 miles a day... The other day I walked 7 miles and today I burned over 1,000 calories.... I decided that I was going to weight myself cause I look alittle skinny, At least I know I have lost weight in my boobs.... I went from 194 pounds to 193 pounds.. I lost 1 POUND! I dk what the heck is going on??? I have been working my ass of trying to loose weight and only lost 1 POUND!!! I dont get it. I have choosen not to eat any Junk Food. I stopped eating Cookies and chips, No soda unless it has 0 CALORIES.... and sometimes I drink some Lemonade... I have NO IDEA what else to do!?!?! and I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!!! What else can I do to loose weight??...... I dont have the money to work out at a gym or eat really healthy...So I am stuck usuing the treadmill.... I have walked soo much on it and only lost a pound.... I mean I dk what else to do... Is there anything I can do to help me loose weight that is fast and easy, that isnt too extreme... I dont want to hurt myself and I dont want to spend ANY Money.... Someone Please HELP ME..... Anything except Crap websites and rediculous ass diets.... It would be great to get some advice from a Professional Trainer, if your not its ok.... I am looking for tips and Ideas, things that I can do that will help me loose weight! I want to loose it very bad and dont want to spend any money, thats my main thing! I have gotten alot of ideas and tips that involve me spending money and I cant so dont bring it up.. Thank You!!! Thank You Sooooo Much!!!.... This means ALOT to me!!!

Open Question: detox in 48 hours? Mabbie a drink i can make?

Is there a recipie to make a drink to detox your body in a few days? Not so mutch to lose weight but just to cleans and remove toxins.

Open Question: i am a female,will testosterone supplement (tribulus terrestris) change my physical appearence and voice pitch?


id rather wear my contacts then my glasses, but my contacts dry the hell out of my eyes. once i put them in they are fine. but after 10-15 minutes they get dry and i start to get distracted with them so i know i cant wear them when i go back to school, but i want to. i used to wear contacts allll the time, but now i barley wear them at all bc i dont want the hassle and the uncomfortableness... what can i do? they are acuve 2 colours.

Open Question: does cross trainers burn fat?? I have a little belly fat!! does it work the abs?

Open Question: Not alot of symptoms...Normal?

Im 10w 5d pregnant. I had some bad nausea but only for like 2 weeks at about 8 week nausea went away, well sometimes i still feel a little nauseous especially if i don't eat, but my boobs don't seem to hurt at all, and they didn't really get any fuller. I guess im just nervous and i hope that everything goes well. Did anyone feel the same way like I do, and still had a healthy baby

Open Question: Which gym equipment is generally better ?

A Cross Trainer or a Rowing Machine ???

Open Question: Unsafe sex question? Please help me out.?

So my boyfriend and I have been having unsafe sex for about 9 months. He pulls out a good amount of time before he, you know what. And every 2 minutes or so, he'll pull out real fast and wipe the little hole, for prec-m. I'm sorry for the grossness of that, but. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how effective this is? And if there's any tips to make unsafe sex, safer? I know this is stupid, and I'm probably going to get a lot of answers telling me to use a condom

Open Question: How does my diet plan sound?

Thinking of taking a Protein Shake (EAS 100% whey protein) 30 minutes before my workout, and then eating a DeTour original protein bar post workout (5-20 minutes after workout). Special K Cereal with 1% fat milk for breakfast, and Nature Valley nut bars as snacks. Should I use two protein shakes, pre workout and post workout, instead of Shake / Bar? Or Shake / Bar with another Shake later at night? Age: 17 -- 18 by October Height: 6'0" Weight: 168lbs Ideal daily protein intake: 117g

Open Question: i had intercourse a weeks ago almost?

2 weeks this sunday but ive gained 4 pounds and have nausea ,breast tenderness and sleepyness and mood swings could this be due to the plan b pill? or early signs of pregnancy ???

Open Question: how to get ride of excess skin?

ok about 4 months ago i weighed 285 now i way 220 i am about 6' 1'', i lost all this weight by just eating less then 1000 calories a day so i lost massive weight really fast but now i just have alot of excess skin, its just kinda chilln and looks gross so i've been doing p90x ab ripper to help but i was wondering if anybody else out there knows any other ways to help im willing to do anything besides surgery.

Open Question: Even though I'm exercising and eating healthy, I'm still binging?

2.5 years ago I weighed 187 lbs, my all-time high. Now I'm hovering between 148 and 152. I've lost that through inconsistent exercise, diet and healthy eating. Moreso lately I've been trying to stick to the following lifestyle: Exercise 3-6 days a week. 30-60 mins cardio, 30-40 mins strength training and weights. Cardio: elliptical machine, random, levels 5-10. S. training & weights: various exercises (squats, dumb bell push press, rotational lounges etc.), 3 sets of each, 15 reps, 60 seconds between sets. Diet Breakfast: Quaker Oats and tea OR a piece of fruit (ex. peach) and a sandwich (made with wholewheat bread and Becel margarine) OR a salad (with Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing) and 1-2 pieces of fruit. Lunch: a salad OR a sandwich OR a protein bar [post-workout]. Dinner: a piece of fish and salad OR a chicken leg or breast and salad OR steak and salad OR curried chicken, rice and legumes. This might sound perfect, but I have a big problem: I binge. Not in the bulimic sense, but in the "eating a lot in one day" sense. I have days when I binge on junk like there's no tomorrow, and by junk I mean gummies (my main weakness), chips, pop, pizza. When I'm on the health kick, my daily calories total between 1000 and 1200. I've been told that I should increase it to 1500 since I work out pretty hard. Perhaps that's why I'm binging. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what you think of my regime, and what you think I should do to stick to it.

Open Question: How bad is drinking nyquil?

im not sick, i just cant sleep sometimes and I'm up until like 2 in the morning so I'll have my recommended dose(if i was sick) and it'll knock me out so i can sleep. its not very often, i have only done it twice.

Open Question: If I reveal my job(income) will my new dentist look to increase my bill?

Now that I have gotten my first good-paynig job I think merchants will be(understandably) looking to get more of it. I am a very frugal person and fear that my new Dentist will load-up on the bill. How can I avoid this? I was thinking of putting down a lower-paying job on the Dental Application. Do Dentists verify employment/employer?.

Open Question: Can you get wrinkly skin when your older because you tan outside?

even if you wear sunscreen, take GOOD care of your skin, AND reapply it every two hours?? I don't want wrinkly skin, but I wanna tan this summer! All throughout my life I've gotten tan in the summer but when i was little I didn't use sunscreen.. I have for as long as i can remember though..

Open Question: Can HIV suddenly disappear ?

Does anyone know how this is possible? 1.Someone has been tested HIV positive 3 different times, over the course of 5 months and even started treatment (but soon after went off as doctor deemed unnecessary). 2. One year into it, they have been tested negative 3 times using 3 different test types, even though they have continued to have receptive unprotected sex with HIV+ partners over the last year...

Open Question: cramping cramping cramping?

on ovulation been cramping and spotting. had sex with bf a week before.

Open Question: 16 year old male getting really hot all of the sudden?

Last night when i was lying down i got really hot and sweaty. And i few minutes go i got really hot and sweaty what is causing this?

Open Question: 24 Hour Fitness Locations ?

Okay So I Live In Minneapolis , Minnesota. && I'm About to Work Out. . && I Want to Work Out At 24 Hour Fitness. The Only Problem Is That I Tried Goggling Location In Minneapolis , Mn & Nothing will Appear. So Can Someone That Knows Where 24 Hour Fitness Is At. Can you Please Give Me The Locations . ? && If you Recommend Some Other Gym Can You Tell Me. I Would Google It But I get Results Of Other Gym's.

Open Question: Will this make me gain a significant amount of weight?

So here's what I ate today: Breakfast: I bagel, lightly buttered. Lunch: 1 can Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (picked out chicken). Snack (?): Chicken patty without bun at friend's house. Dinner: 2 5pc. nuggets from Wendy's, 2 small fries. All I drank was orange juice and water, and walked/swam about a total of 2 hours. I was just wondering if this would make any impact. I usually don't eat this way. . . Any feedback is appreciated!

Open Question: Thowing up multiple times. What to eat and drink?

Since yesterday mid morning ive felt horrible. I went to bed for the rest of the day and had little to eat. I ended up throwing up 3-4 times in a row (within a minute) and all night i had diarrhea which was yellow and liquid. This morning i took some stuff to help my stomach and diarrhea and ate an apple and whole grain water crackers, but i threw up again and kept throwing up until nothing was left in my stomach and i was just gagging (yuck) Any suggestions on what to eat/drink to settle my stomach?

Open Question: At what age should gyncomastia start going away?

i am no where near fat and i am 19yrs old..

Open Question: Have any of you had a lithotripsy?

My boyfriend has kidneys full of stones and has been recommended for a lithotripsy, however, he has a lot of other medical issues - he has Cystic Fibrosis - and we are nervous about the side effects: among his issues he has had pulmonary hypertension in the past and we dont want to risk hypertension or renal failure. But passing stones is terrible for him too and we dont know what to do. So, are there any healthcare providers out there who would like to weigh in? Also, I'd love to hear back from someone who has had a lithotripsy about their experience. As a side note - we cant modify his diet to avoid stones, its too important to keep his diet up to deal with his CF

Open Question: If u just puff weed would it show up on a blood test?

If u just puff it without it going down ur throat or anything could it still show up in a blood test? (research)

Open Question: what's the best form of calcium. i can't have milk and i lack it greatly. no suppliments plz (lactose intol)?

Open Question: PLEASE HELP! Why didn't it come?

My period GENERALLY comes right on the fourth. I'm not getting ANY symptoms, just a bit of breast tenderness. No nausea, no headaches, etc. I usually have these for a week before my period, and here we are three days before my "due date" and I'm not having ANY symptoms. I'm really worried, I'm going on holiday next week and I want it to come before hand. Is me being worried stressing me out enough to the point where it'll be late? I'm 14. Thanks:)

Open Question: Period Poll- Pads and Tampons?

Period Poll! 1) Pads or Tampons? 2) What brand of pad 3) Cardboard or plastic? 4) Do you like, love, sorta ish like not reallly, or hATE your period 5) Do you get PMS 6) embarassing period stories???