Open Question: Is this good if I'm trying to get in shape?

I'm a girl, about to turn 14. I'm a little under 5'1" and usually weigh around 110 lbs. However, I got pretty depressed this summer and gained a lot of weight. Now I'm finally feeling better and I want to lose the weight I gained, plus a little more if possible. I play softball about 5-7 months out of the year (it depends if there's a fall league each year) but my eating habits aren't great. I was thinking I would start jogging (or at least walking and working my way up to jogging). I'm still a teenager, so I like to eat what other kids eat. Today I had some cucumber slices for breakfast with a small glass of milk, a glass of water, a grilled cheese on wheat bread, and some sugar free green tea. I'm going rollerblading later today, too. Am I on the right track? Is there something else I should be doing? Any tips are very much appreciated. Thank you!!!