Open Question: Lossing Weight!?!? What else can I do!!!?

Ok so I am a 19 year old Female who is overweight! I want to loose weight really bad and I need help on doing so. I currently have No Job so I am not making any money. I cannot afford to go to a gym or eat really healthy.. We own a treadmill so I have been walking in the Treadmill EVERYDAY!!! This whole week almost a week and a half, I have been on the dreadmill Everyday walking 2-4 miles a day... The other day I walked 7 miles and today I burned over 1,000 calories.... I decided that I was going to weight myself cause I look alittle skinny, At least I know I have lost weight in my boobs.... I went from 194 pounds to 193 pounds.. I lost 1 POUND! I dk what the heck is going on??? I have been working my ass of trying to loose weight and only lost 1 POUND!!! I dont get it. I have choosen not to eat any Junk Food. I stopped eating Cookies and chips, No soda unless it has 0 CALORIES.... and sometimes I drink some Lemonade... I have NO IDEA what else to do!?!?! and I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!!! What else can I do to loose weight??...... I dont have the money to work out at a gym or eat really healthy...So I am stuck usuing the treadmill.... I have walked soo much on it and only lost a pound.... I mean I dk what else to do... Is there anything I can do to help me loose weight that is fast and easy, that isnt too extreme... I dont want to hurt myself and I dont want to spend ANY Money.... Someone Please HELP ME..... Anything except Crap websites and rediculous ass diets.... It would be great to get some advice from a Professional Trainer, if your not its ok.... I am looking for tips and Ideas, things that I can do that will help me loose weight! I want to loose it very bad and dont want to spend any money, thats my main thing! I have gotten alot of ideas and tips that involve me spending money and I cant so dont bring it up.. Thank You!!! Thank You Sooooo Much!!!.... This means ALOT to me!!!