Open Question: Late bloomer and height questions?

Hi, I know nobody has a forsure answer but I'd like to hear some other peoples stories. Im a 5ft 7 inch male at 17 years old with 4 months until im 18. My whole life iv never been a tall guy and iv NEVER had those growth spurts that all my friends have had, Iv simply grown a inch a year. My question is, is it still possible for me to reach 5 11 or even have a rapid growth spurt? My father is about 5ft 8 1/2 and my mother is about 5 ft 3. BUT my step brother on my fathers side, cousin on mothers side, gradfather and uncle on mothers side all are 6ft + up to 6ft 6 inches. Another thing iv noticed is that my physical traits seem to lack, I have a very kiddish face and sometimes mistaken for being 15, not to much facial hair and a thin frame. The only thing that appears to be developed is my male organs which are about 7 inches. Does this sound like a case of late bloomer or am I simply just a young looking small guy???