Open Question: Even though I'm exercising and eating healthy, I'm still binging?

2.5 years ago I weighed 187 lbs, my all-time high. Now I'm hovering between 148 and 152. I've lost that through inconsistent exercise, diet and healthy eating. Moreso lately I've been trying to stick to the following lifestyle: Exercise 3-6 days a week. 30-60 mins cardio, 30-40 mins strength training and weights. Cardio: elliptical machine, random, levels 5-10. S. training & weights: various exercises (squats, dumb bell push press, rotational lounges etc.), 3 sets of each, 15 reps, 60 seconds between sets. Diet Breakfast: Quaker Oats and tea OR a piece of fruit (ex. peach) and a sandwich (made with wholewheat bread and Becel margarine) OR a salad (with Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing) and 1-2 pieces of fruit. Lunch: a salad OR a sandwich OR a protein bar [post-workout]. Dinner: a piece of fish and salad OR a chicken leg or breast and salad OR steak and salad OR curried chicken, rice and legumes. This might sound perfect, but I have a big problem: I binge. Not in the bulimic sense, but in the "eating a lot in one day" sense. I have days when I binge on junk like there's no tomorrow, and by junk I mean gummies (my main weakness), chips, pop, pizza. When I'm on the health kick, my daily calories total between 1000 and 1200. I've been told that I should increase it to 1500 since I work out pretty hard. Perhaps that's why I'm binging. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what you think of my regime, and what you think I should do to stick to it.