Open Question: Is it normal for a "tomboy" to have a girl crush, on a celebrity?

Everybody already teases me for being lesbian (which I'M NOT) because of the way I dress up (jeans and a T shirt), walk(I just walk normally), my interest in gadgets, and nil interest in makeup/dressing up. And well, when I first joined school, I had a short haircut and looked like a guy (skinny 13yr old guy), now I've got longer hair though and do not look like a guy anymore. This recent celebrity "girl crush" (totally non sexual, only kinda obsession), has got me thinking if there's something wrong with me (I'm not saying being gay is wrong, but I'm NOT GAY). I can't even tell my friends(not all of them are like real friends, they're really cruel) like I can about the "guy crushes" , they'll make my life hell. What should I do to FEEL normal? I'm 23.