Open Question: I have sinus pressure in my cheekbone area, which has lasted for 2 months, is this normal?

Ok, in July of 2009 my ears began to hurt, I went to the doctor and they said I just had ear wax build-up, (as a result of me being too scared to put the ear swab deep into my ear canal), after a few weeks, I began to get headaches everyday, even if I would wake up first and have four full glasses of water I would have headaches. my doctor gave me nasonex, which did nothing, but I used it until it was all gone. Well, it's April now and my sinus pressure is kicking my butt. If I walk my face starts pounding, if I smile or laugh it just feels worse. I have taken claratin, Patanese, Sudafed, thera-flu, Alka Seltzer, you name it and I have taken it. Can anyone give me any tips? I have tried a facial mist, I gargled with apple cider vinegar, and I have used the hot wash cloth. I have also noticed I'm a little more tired and forget-full, is that normal for me?