Open Question: advice about an abortion..?

My friend is 21 and pregnant and her boyfriend wants her to keep it but she doesnt think shes ready or really would be able to have one and wanted a abortion untill her boyfriend kept telling her to keep it and his mother kept saying he'll support her .i know shes not ready for one because she still smokes and does some pills so i think she should stick with her descion to not keep it and her boyfriend is a drug addict so why should a baby be brought into this world to have parents like that? plus her parents don't even know shes pregnant yet and thats where her baby would be living and shes atleast 2 months pregnant now what advice should i give her? and i dont want any anwsers from people who are against abortions and especially if your a male because you will never be pregnant so shut your face . and whatever mean negative things you say i will just laugh and won't care so just don't waste your time and anwser someone else question