Open Question: No energy, dizzy, loss of appetite; what could it be?

So I've been feeling sick lately.. Symptoms include: loss of appetite, always tired and never feel refreshed from sleep, can't fall asleep easily, random dizzyness, constant headaches, sore all over; joints, legs, muscles, random days where I get diharrea, short funny feeling when breathing. So that's pretty much it, or all that I can think of right now :) So yeah it sucks as you could imagine.. It's been going on for a while now; maybe a month or so.. Oh an I've been feeling kinda down/sad lately; family issues.. But yeah not like majorly depressed or anything.. So if anyone could shed some light; opinions, personal experience or if anyone has or is going through the same sort of things that would be super good! I'm thinking I'll go to the doctors if it progresses.. Oh by the way I'm sixteen, female, slim, not super fit; as in I don't really do much exercise :) haha I'm a lazy one.. Thanks :)