10 Interesting Mcdonalds Nutrition Facts

1). McDonald and healthy menus

Picking grilled chicken menu combined with salad is a wise option; even so, do not saturate the salad with dressing. As information, if you take 2 ounce of salad dressing, that is equal to ingest 150 calories and mix it with fifteen grams of fat. Pick out zero fat dressings combine with sprinkle vinegar and extra olive oil.

2) McDonald’s Fried Menu fact
Control your self and avoid taking a big burger because it will plump you with 500 calories easily. Moreover, avoid taking fried menus, crispy potatoes, super size packet and pack of sugar dessert or sodas.

3). McDonalds Milkshake
Milkshake is not that innocent. Inside a jumbo glass of milkshake composes more than a thousand calories and nearly 30 grams of fat. If you change this dessert with a medium ice cream cone, you will only reserve 150 calories plus mere 3 ½ grams of fat

4) Wisest way to close your McDonald diet
if you want to pick healthy diet without going out from McDonald’s restaurant, pick an apple, fruit salad, a cup of yogurt and granola if you want more. One apple compose 35 calories and zero fat meanwhile, the granola only composes 2 grams of fat and about 158 grams of calories

5). Cold tea and McDonald’s sodas
A soda @ McDonalds

Close your diet with a glass of cold tea instead of Soda and you can take a small size low carb milk, which only consists a hundred calorie and 2 ½ grams of fat, if it is not enough.

6). McDonald’s low calorie menus

View low calorie menus in McDonalds you might have never known before:

- 4 slices of McNuggets equal to 170-calorie intake

- Mustard served with BBQ grilled snack roll compose about 260 calories

-Asian Salad dressing composes 150 calories and it double to 300 calorie if you add grilled chicken

-if you pick Caesar Salad dressing minus chicken, you take 90 calories in your body and the quantity of calories jump to 220 if you add grilled chicken.

7). Big Mac Fat Fact

if you will order One Big Mac at McDonald, I hope you realize that once you feel full, your body is stuffed with 540 calories blend with 29,2 grams of fat, where 1/3 of them are saturated fat, 71 mg Cholesterol and over 1000 mg of sodium.

Potatoes Fries fact

Inside a big packet of fries chunks 559 calories together with 27 grams of fat, where 4 grams of it are saturated, and 430 milligrams of sodium.

9) McFlurry fact

A large glass of cool coke composes 320 calories and 81,8 grams of Sugar and one Oreo Mcflurry bears 16,9 grams of fat where 10 grams of them are saturated, 60 g of Sugar, nearly 331 mg of sodium and beyond 490 calories

10). Final consequences eating in McDonalds

McDonald's menu

In One day, we need far less than 1920 calories and McDonald’s gives us more. These menus are fat of sodium, saturated fats, sugar, loads of cholesterol and unfortunately, exercise does not effectively burn these unhealthy menus.

These 10 McDonalds nutrition facts only view fact from hundred facts that already reported by Nutritionists around the world. The best way to be healthy is focusing to stay on homemade menus