2010 “Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure”

May 8, 2010 The Susan G. Komen RACE FOR THE CURE in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 18 Thousand People came out to support the cause! Participants enjoyed a 1 mile run/walk or a 5 K. This was an incredible event that gave inspiration for those fighting the terrible disease of Breast Cancer, and also gives hope for a much brighter future for our children. The best part of the day was meeting so many cool people, and sharing the collective energy created when people unite in Doing Good.

I participated in this race with my daughter and two friends in honor of my mother Linda, a 2-year Breast Cancer Survivor. We also remembered family survivors Cheryl, and Kris, and ran in remembrance of Debby’s sweet sister Cindy, who lost her valiant fight to Cancer too young.

I created this video as a gift to share our experience with Mom, who could not attend. However, we don’t think she’ll mind sharing with everyone else to enjoy as well! All photos and video clips included were taken with my personal camera and are copyrighted to me [apologies for the low quality video feed]. THANK YOU to all of the beautiful people who came out to support the race, and allowed me to take their photos. I hope you will get to see this, and enjoy! I hope to see ALL of these amazing people again, NEXT YEAR!

Another BIG THANK YOU to all of the organizers, sponsors and City works personnel, police & fire departments, and hundreds of volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this day not only possible, but AMAZING! You are TRUE HEROES!

Wishing all Women everywhere a Happy Mothers Day!
I love you Mom!

Read the blog post here: http://mormonsoprano.com/2010/05/09/the-cure-for-mothers-day/

To Join A Race For The Cure in your area, or Donate To Fight Breast Cancer – Click Here: http://ww5.komen.org/