17 Day Diet Participants Weigh-in (with Video)

17 Day Diet Participants Weigh-in (credit: Asthma Helper)

Real 17 Day Diet participants share their progress and receive advice from the creator of the diet, Dr. Mike Moreno, on the Emmy-award winning syndicated talk show
The Doctors, and on Dr. Phil.

Dr. Moreno’s book, The 17 Day Diet, provides insight into how to eliminate two of the biggest obstacles in weight loss – boredom and plateau. It’s proven that weight loss that results in even the smallest changes in body composition can pay off with life-changing benefits. With this in mind, Dr. Moreno encourages participants to measure their success, not just in pounds, but also by looking at the overall health benefits to include cholesterol, healthier blood sugar readings, and improved blood pressure.

As the founding physician behind BistroMD, and as the provider of the meal plan for
The 17 Day Diet, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., agrees even something as small as a five percent decrease in weight loss is significant with regards to lowering the health risks associated with being overweight.

“In my medical practice, diabetic and overweight patients who achieve 5% weight loss often have lower blood sugar readings and also have improvements in their blood pressure,” says Dr. Cederquist, a bariatric physician and family practice physician.

If you want to try The 17 Day Diet but don’t want to cook, you can bring the meals from the popular book to your table by ordering The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD.

“As a single mom, when it comes to dieting, the hardest thing is knowing what to eat and then finding the time to make it. BistroMD helped me keep my busy lifestyle; I got to eat delicious food, and I lost weight,” said Heather Justice, a 17 Day Diet participant.

In addition to following the principles of the book, each week of food in the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan upholds the high standards that have made BistroMD one of the top diet delivery companies in the nation.

“I have always been an emotional eater, and I have struggled with weight for most of my adult life. After being on the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD for three months, I lost a staggering 83 pounds, and I feel fantastic! Not only was the food delicious, but I never had to worry about grocery shopping, or cleaning up after every meal,” said Brad Fischer.

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan takes the stress out of weight loss by delivering a full week of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for less than $185 a week. The meals are physician-designed and chef-prepared with fresh ingredients. To learn more about The 17 Day Diet, and The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD, visit http://www.THE17DayDiet.com or call: (800) 464-1384.

THE 17 DAY DIET MEAL PLAN BY BISTROMD: Try physician-designed, chef-prepared meals by ordering the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD at http://www.the17daydiet.com/shop. – http://www.ereleases.com/pic/BistroMD-17-Day-Diet.jpg

SUCCESS WITH THE 17 DAY DIET MEAL PLAN: Percy Jackson lost several jean sizes by eating the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD, and his journey was shared on both

The Doctors, and on Dr. Phil.