A Longterm Solution Compared To The HCG Diet

If you are considering the HCG Diet you really need to read this information carefully!

I have had quite a few family, friends and clients as me about this HCG diet hearing just the “promised” results “losing 1-2 pounds per day.” But what these studies do not tell you is the HCG diet is a short-term answer at best. It will seriously change your metabolism, your long term weight loss goals, your outlook on food and finally your social life. This article is going to explain the HCG diet and present you with an alternative that allows you to burn belly fat and live your life!

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet uses HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). It is a hormone produced during PREGNANCY. One of its functions is to ensure the growing fetus receives enough nutrients to grow and develop normally. It does this by making the fat stored in the mother’s body available for use. The mother’s body is then able to use this fat for nutrients and energy despite her intake. Pregnancy is the only time HCG is found in the body.

Dr. ATW Simeons discovered in the 1950′s that small doses of HCG given to overweight individuals (men and women) decreased their appetite, and made them lose inches specifically around their hips, thighs, buttocks and stomachs. The HCG diet was born…

Read that last part again — HCG is produced naturally ONLY WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT!. The HCG diet convinces your body you are pregnant!??? I hope the men out there are hearing this — you will be “pregnant” on this HCG diet. When I first heard about the HCG diet I thought it was a joke!!

How Does The HCG Diet Work?

The HCG diet requires HCG to injected or swallowed (gels or tables) so we can tap into our fat stores . When combined with a calorie restriction diet, the person is relying more on their stored fat than on what they are eating. Some studies have shown people burning anywhere up to 4,000 calories per day — losing 1-2 pounds per day. While following this diet you follow a “cave man diet” — only lean proteins, fruits and vegetables — no complex carbs EVER. A very light exercise regiment is acceptable. A brisk walk is normally the most you should attempt.

Folks, these numbers look GREAT but the human body is not designed to lose weight at this rate! The human body was not designed to lose weight at this rate. Our bodies will not adjust to this nor be able to maintain these results long term. Previously it was mentioned you are only allowed to eat 500 calories of food a day So you can understand the total amount of food you are eating I present you my breakfast from this morning: 2 whole eggs, 220 grams of egg whites (4 additional eggs), 1 cup of oatmeal (pre-cooked) and 2 table spoons of peanut butter. That is actually 600 calories of food — another 100 more than you are allowed ALL DAY on the HCG diet!!! That is insanity to eat only 500 calories a day! You WILL starve if you cointinue to eat this way after the HCG diet.

And the activity level in the HCG Diet?? All you are allowed is a brisk walk? You can’t possibly enjoy anything: playing with your kids, going bowling, swimming, weight training, going for a bike ride, etc. So you are STARVING yourself and only allowed to walk a block or two. That is beginning to paint a seriously grim lifestyle — and that is just the starters of the HCG diet.

Imagine following the HCG diet around the holidays. You cannot and will not be allowed to enjoy the food during that time. Everyone is enjoying the food, dancing (forget it — you can’t do that either too much of a strain on your body on the HCG diet), laughing and partaking in the festivities. There you are, sitting in a chair, eating your assorted vegetables and not able to partake in the meals, the family fun – nothing. You are merely just there and simply existing; opposed to living.

I can think of a few other things I’d rather do than the HCG diet — it does not sound entertaining or fun at all.

Now I’m not saying the HCG diet doesn’t produce results. I know, personally, several individuals who have followed the HCG diet and lost weight. But in the end of the HCG diet they have destroyed their metabolism, they fear eating any type of food at the risk of getting fat again and they lost tons of lean muscle tissue to boot! Can someone explain to me how the HCG diet is a good thing?

You may lose weight with this diet but it is no way to live your life. Majority of the people who follow the HCG diet lose weight and wind up gaining all the weight back (and more) once they go back to the “maintenance” phase of the HCG diet — eating 1,500 calories a day without using HCG. Many report that trying a very low calorie diet without the use of HCG led to excessive hunger. Some who attempted without the aid of HCG reported insomnia, lethargy, headaches, loss of mental clarity, severe fatigue and so on. How does that list of potential issues sound to you? Where do I sign??? (sarcasm!!!)

The HCG diet will destroy your metabolism! Even our ancestors, who had to hunt and gather their food, ate more than 500 calories a day! The major difference was their choice of foods! Their foods were raw and organic. Nothing jammed-packed full of sugar, salt and fat!. The ate what crawled, swam, flew and was green and leafy (vegetables and fruits)
So if you are willing to make these changes already you need to look at other alternatives to the HCG diet.

Previously mentioned was an alternative to the HCG diet. A solution that allows you to eat your food, live an active lifestyle and in fact burn belly fat — the complete opposite of the HCG diet. If you are even considering this drastic diet you need to look at another solution.

A solution is easy as the answer to this question: do you drink coffee, tea or even lattes?

When it comes to losing weight the “experts” have it wrong when they say to cut out coffee. Especially when it comes to a coffee, tea or latte that is engineered to help you lose weight — in fact has been clinically proven to burn belly fat on thousands of people (with none of the issues of the HCG diet). The world’s only TRUE thermogenic coffee, tea and latte is here!

The company Boresha has certified legal claims (to the FDA) that all of their products have:

Patented hunger control
Balanced energy
thermogenic fat-burning
battle stress-related eating

You get all the above listed and get to LIFE your life. The complete counterpart to what the HCG diet wants you to do: take some drops (injections or tablets), starve yourself and barely move around. Doesn’t really sound like a tough decision to me. Start your metabolic makeover today! Try any of Boresha’s products RISK FREE: 30 day money back guarantee!

The HCG diet is NOT for you! The HCG diet sounds appealing but you are not LIVING YOUR LIFE with the HCG diet. You become a slave to starvation, very little activity and fear of food with the HCG diet. The HCG diet is short term whereas Boresha offers you a lifetime solution. So move past the HCG diet and start savoring the most delicious cup of coffee you have ever experienced TODAY!Forget about the HCG diet and enjoy life — savor the flavor with Boresha bskinny coffee!

The HCG diet may sound appealing to you but in the long run the HCG diet will make matters much, much worse for you. You NEED TO start burning belly fat
the right way!