A Look at Chinese Pregnancy Calendars

A Look at Chinese Pregnancy Calendars

Different sorts of emotions and thoughts will run through your mind when you realize that you are pregnant. The emotions can be the elation of having your own child as well as nervousness and being afraid. You won’t know how your body will react to the pregnancy and how healthy the baby will turn out. Questions of when and how often you will see a doctor will dawn on you too. For that and more, you can refer to a pregnancy calendar.

You can look out for pregnancy calendars online as there are plenty of websites that provide such calendars. The choices of pregnancy calendars are developmental calendars as well as Chinese pregnancy calendars.

Chinese pregnancy calendar asserts that they are able to predict the personality traits of your baby but is it dependable? It goes as far as asserting that it can divine all kinds of things about your baby. You just key in your baby’s due date and lo and behold you will be capable of predicting your baby’s gender, personality and many more. The basics are on the Chinese zodiac signs where mothers relied on to how their baby will grow up to be. If you are going to look into a Chinese pregnancy calendar, then just have some fun as the only things that they undertake to predict is just nature and probability. Those that take it seriously will only end up disenchanted as no calendar is able to foresee all those things.

Besides the Chinese pregnancy calendar and developmental calendars, you can find such calendar as doctor appointment calendar too. Chinese calendar works much like fortune telling and Tarot card reading websites but they claim that it is very accurate. Is such calendar that works on the basis of programming code capable of predicting the sex and personality of a baby when the scientific based medical profession can’t do so? So can you trust such calendar? If not why then are there so many such calendars out online? Since there is ongoing presence, then perhaps there could be some legitimacy to them.

The basis for such assertions is that there are generations of Chinese who based their personality and sex of their unborn baby on such zodiac and other elements, even naming their baby from these calendars. Hey it worked for some so it is perfectly alright to give it a try and see if it applies to you. But then don’t rely too much on it to the extent that you get everything ready based on the Chinese pregnancy calendar. For that you might be disenchanted as at best it is just to entertain you.

By: Ernest Tang