Open Question: Can you get oral herpes from someone who has never had the virus before?

Okay well 2 days ago, (May 21, 2010) I kissed my boyfriend for the first time. It was his first kiss as well as mine. He has never had oral herpes or any herpes at all... because he has never kissed anyone before this and neither have I. He wouldn't lie to me. We're unbelievably close. 2 days before I kissed him, I noticed a pimple-like bump inside of my mouth, in between my cheek and my lower lip. About an hour ago, I noticed another one that was close to the first one. I have had these before, but I just can't shake the feeling that I may have gotten herpes from him. I have braces so there is like a lot of friction between my cheeks and the brackets of my braces. Also, when I bite my bottom lip a lot. Could that be why the bumps are there? Thank you :)