Open Question: How common are Steroids in the 21-40 bar scene? (San Diego)?

When I watch movies that take place in the mid 80s and early 90s I can't help but think. Man were people weak looking back then. I have also traveled a bit around the United States I have also had a gym membership for a really long time. Huge difference once you get to the west coast. I can get quite tone and decent but never Hollywood Quality muscle. So how they hell are these guys doing it! Recently some acquaintances of mine introduced me to a secret.... They are using steroids to get some extra size to attract hotter women. Holy *%$^*^& Ive always wondered how some guy who is 30 looks like he just stepped out of a Hane's commercial Ad. I want to know how common this is! I feel like its probably extremely common and one of the best kept secrets in world. Its all starting to make sense now. Anyone care to share! Please only 21+ and up reply.