Open Question: Someone please help me I really need it?

Im 15 I have anxiety ocd add and depression. I work as a dishwasher which causes major depression thinking about it ( I work 8 hours a week). and major anxiety which my symptoms are nauseous and stomachache sometimes diarrhoea. My mom wants me to work because I'm not in school and need to get out I guess you can say. I understand her, I really love my mom, its just I can't handle work, honestly school is easier! So today I worked for 10 minutes and left cause I didn't feel good. Then tonight I was near tears talking to my mom about work and after begging and begging she let me call in sick, turns out the work has no answering machine (It was 11 pm when I called) so should I go to work tomorrow or call in sick? I hate dish washing, I hate standing on my feet for at least 4 hours straight. I like the money but don't need it,I want to quit but i feel so bad for my mom. I think it causes too many problems that the money isn't worth it in the end. I would prefer my answer to be from a mom. But any body that can help please answer. Any more details I left out I will add. Or if you want details just ask