Open Question: Is it possible to contract gonorrhea while the partner I contracted it from got TWO negative results?

I am mortified. When I visited Mexico this year, it turned into a slightly romantic vacation. When condoms ran out, he was so quick to go forth anyway, and my fault was to give in too easily. 5 days later, all the signs of gonorrhea reak havoc and I obtained medication via my doctor as soon as I could. When I told partner in Mexico, he got checked out TWICE and both results came out negative. But these were done in Mexico. Could it be shoddy medical care? Does he have super human powers that only transfers disease, but never actually gets STD's? I haven't slept with anyone since last July, and that was only once and with a condom. I sleep with this guy, get symptoms immediately after for gonorrhea, and he claims up and down he is negative. He sends me emails, calls and texts night and day claiming he doesn't. I'm a dirty, diseased whore, and i"m so confused. How could I get it, but he never did? Is it possible to contract from a wet gym bench? Can gonorrhea stay alive outside of the genitals? Did somebody break into my house and use my vibrator when I was in Mexico? Are Mexican STD tests shoddy? How? Why? What?