Open Question: Don't know if my daughter had a miscarriage.....?

My daughter has only been on fertility treatments for a month. She started her period,ovulated,and conceived the 1st month. She found out she was pregnant on Mothers day. That night,she spent the evening in the ER. She was bleeding very heavy,and was told that he HCG level is only at 16,and her cervix was opened, so chances are, she was having a miscarriage. They told her to wait for 3 days,and come back to the hospital for another blood test, to see if the HCG level has decreased or increased. So....I took her to the hospital yesterday. Her HCG was up to 23 now!!!(well, thats what the level was at yesterday about noon) So....can anyone tell us why she was bleeding, cramping, AND her cervix was opened??? If her hormone level has increased in those 3 days, that obviously means she's still pregnant. Could it be possible that since she was taking fertility meds, that maybe she was pregnant with multiples and she miscarried 1? But 1 of them are ok? All we have to go on now, is the fact the hormone levels increased. THAT was told to her by a nurse. But he follow up doc appointment isn't till this afternoon. In the mean time, we're dying! We want to know whats going on! Should we keep our hopes up, or is it not sounding good???