Open Question: Please help in my sexual health?

I am 28 year old man where every i had sex with my bf i feel vey sleepy ,i feel as no enegy in my body My weight is 70 Height 5.8 Same height and weight is my gf ,but she does feel it as i feel it after sex Can anyboy tell the reason for this in general are medically Please help me i need all ur help friends And one more this i would like to ask i am on antidepressant from 8 year whereevery i am doing sex with her i feel not getting feeling i am not energying my sex what is wrong in me ,but she feel good during sex and after sex I am takeing esdep 10mg and lonazep 0.5 mg daily from 8 year ,i would like to know this may be the reason that i am not getting any kind of feeling are what pls tell me frnds i feel shame to ask my Dr ,so frnds pls pls help me Please do not report as abuse to my Q Thank u.