Open Question: When doctors will grow up.?

i am 15years girl. i never had any relation with a boy and i am a virgin . I recall trying to get birth control...I had to have a pelvic exam, rectal exam and pap test. These are all humiliating, and for a 15 years old, they are not lifesaving. They are not even necessary. Yet, I had to take off all of my clothes and let one of them blackmail me into allowing her(doctor) to spread my legs and inspect my vulva, then push a big metal toy into my vagina. After that, she pushed her fingers into my vagina, and then up my rectum, and then felt my breasts. None of these activities had anything to do with The Pill, but the doctors are allowed to assault on me and millions of other girls, I objected and was told that I 'wasn't comfortable with my body' and had 'misplaced sexual issues'.(hello i am a virgin and i never had any relationship with a boy ) Letting a stranger penetrate me for no benefit to me, but in order to get unrelated medication did not constitute discomfort with my body, it constituted discomfort with violation. But, the doctors continued to do it, purely for the sake of humiliating me. medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in our country . now i dont trust doctors anymore that witch (doctor) must be subjected to jigsaw trap .(saw movie) when doctors will grow up ? medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in our country i asked this question before .i didn't get proper answers so i am asking again .