The FBI publishes videos of inquiry Anna Chapman

The FBI on Monday on its website videos, photos and documents from its investigation ten years in Anna Chapman, the glamorous Russian spy, and nine other officials expelled from Moscow in July 2010 by the United States.
Anna Chapman Russian spy FBI video
The first video shows the beautiful declassified spy, whose nude photos have been around the world, the table of a cafe in New York June 26, 2010 with an undercover U.S. agent. You can see the young redhead dressed in jeans and white T-shirt and wearing sunglasses, a bag out of his book and what appears to be headphones.
Anna Chapman Russian spy FBI video
A second video shows Anna Chapman in different departments of a department store Jan. 20, 2010 while "an official from the Russian government (waiting) outside the store," according to the legend of the FBI.
Anna Chapman Russian spy FBI video
The other six videos show three Russian agents expelled with Anna Chapman. We see them exchange or retrieve objects and documents in the street in New York, in the bushes, in a café, and a staircase in New York with a Russian official, between May 2004 and March 2010.

These eight videos have been published with hundreds of photos and documents related to this investigation a decade called "Ghost Stories".

These arrests remind us that "spying on American soil has not disappeared with the Cold War," said the FBI on its website, commenting on the release of documents. "Even if the" secret "of the SVR (Russian intelligence service abroad) have never got hold of classified documents, their intention was serious, comprehensive and funded by the SVR."

This group of ten spies had been arrested and pleaded guilty of espionage in June 2010. They were evicted two weeks later in an exchange worthy of the Cold War. The United States had given to the Moscow against four Russians, three convicted of spying for the West.

On his return to Moscow, Anna Chapman chose since his return from exposure in the media, contrary to the tradition of the secret services. In particular, posed scantily clad for a men's magazine and appeared in an issue of public television.