Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries divorce already!

It's an earthquake in the world people: between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, nothing works. Marriage as U.S. cable media seem to end.
Kim Kardashian divorce
It is sensed in recent weeks. Kris Humphries had been seen several times solo, Kim Kardashian was presented only during several evenings, magazines US rustled evidence of more or less close friends telling us that this was not the super-agreement between the newlyweds : it smelled of burning. Today, the website TMZ reports that Kim had an appointment with his lawyer to complete the divorce papers. Ryan Seacrest, producer of the show Kim's family (the Kardashians) was also confirmed on his Twitter account: "Yes Kim Kardashian divorce," he wrote.
Kim Kardashian divorce
Officially, the couple faced "irreconcilable differences". Fortunately, a marriage contract was signed shortly before their union to ensure protection of their respective property in case of separation. The lawyer hired by the brunette is far from being a beginner as this is Laura Wasser, the council of Maria Shriver after her separation from Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Kim Kardashian divorce
According to the very informative site TMZ, the future ex-married would not have been able to overcome a thorny issue: ... a possible move. The basketball would really want to move to Minnesota where he was born, while Kim ... We'd rather not imagine other than Los Angeles or New York. Another problem not least, Kim works hard (manicure knows something about) and Kris can no longer wait for its beautiful, while some argue that gossip kills time with pretty young ladies.

The separation was Cohosh should we imagine today, but it was a few days. Kim and Kris participated without a Halloween party held yesterday in Las Vegas. The beautiful union of the couple as lovers in the world will have lasted just over 70 days.

Kris and Kim were married on August 20 in Montecito at close to 450 people and cameras of the channel E!. I bet that they will closely monitor the young woman at the signing of divorce papers.