Marlo Thomas Phil Donahue caught up with Thomas to chat about learning comedy and charity at her father’s knee, and getting talk show tips for her new Web series from her famous husband.
Marlo Thomas Phil Donahue
Well Elaine [May] said, "I’ve written this one-act play and I think you’d be great for it." I’ve met mothers of children at St. Jude’s who’ve been told that their child has cancer and their first instinct is to take their child and run away, as if you could do that.
Marlo Thomas Phil Donahue
What do you love about working with Elaine May?
We did a really funny movie together called In the Spirit; I loved working with her as an actress, and I love working with her as a playwright. What child doesn’t like that? My father was Lebanese and my Lebanese grandmother was a great storyteller. Do you have any favorite roles?
Marlo Thomas Phil Donahue
It was exciting to have my own television series, That Girl, and when I won the best dramatic Emmy for Nobody’s Child that was exciting for me, because everybody in my family had won awards in comedy, but I was the first to win one for drama.

Everyone—the networks, the researchers—wondered if girls in America would respond to my character, a young woman who didn’t want to live with her family or get married. I was doing a comedy show.

It would politicize any thinking woman.

Oh goodness, all kinds of people. I’m inspired by anybody who tries to run for office. Your online presence is amazing. When I’ve travelled around the country raising money for St. Jude’s, many women have told me there’s no place on the Web for anybody over 40. Judge Judy, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten. Dr. Laura Berman is going to give sexual advice. I wanted people who would answer the questions of real women with real advice. Are you getting any hosting advice from your husband, Phil Donahue?
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