Sons Of Azrael - guitarist shot

It is regrettable incident occurred Wednesday night, a street pocket while you type seriously shot Tony Lorenzo, the American death metal band ...
guitarist shot sons of azrael tony lorenzo
..., The Sons Of Azrael guitarist. Lorenzo, a friend, Alex Artemasszal at a common friend's apartment, a young assailant demanded money from them, then opened fire. The bullet pierced the spinal column, so it is even possible that lebénul waist down. Some funds have already treated as a fait accompli, but hopefully will recover the 25-year-old musician.
guitarist shot sons of azrael tony lorenzo
Lorenzo remembered the events: "The kid fastly come into me, then suddenly he said to give it everything we have. But before I pulled out my wallet had already fired me too. "

It was suggested that Lorenzo have known his attacker, but her family strongly denied.