A snow storm killed at least three deaths in the United States

October 2011 winter storm
A powerful early winter storm left more than 30 inches of snow in parts of northeastern United States Saturday, killing at least three people and leaving two million homes and business places without electricity. could lead to sticky snow with the warmer temperatures of the week, thus creating potentially hazardous conditions.
October 2011 winter storm
The storm was getting worse as it moves towards the north. The snowfalls of the most important were included in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the Massachusetts Berkshires in northwestern Connecticut in Litchfield Hills, southwestern New Hampshire and in the southern Green Mountains. Wind gusts up to 50 km / h have been announced to include coastal areas.

Dozens of flights between Canada and the cities of the east coast of the United States were also canceled Saturday because of the storm. The websites of the airports in Montreal, Toronto and Halifax announced the cancellation of several flights to the United States, including New York and Newark, New Jersey, while others have simply been delayed flights.

This coincided with an unexpected snow weekend busy for many Americans, while the hunting season was launched and some football leagues were provided academic and professional, not counting the thousands of children who wander the streets for Halloween.

In eastern Pennsylvania, it was reported a few minor skirmishes between motorists, while the city of Allentown - which was expected between ten and twenty inches of snow - could break the record set during the festival of Halloween of 1925, with five inches.

The system should continue its northward movement and end up above the Atlantic Canada on Sunday.

In south-eastern Pennsylvania, a man of 84 died when a tree hit his snowy home while he was napping on his sofa. In Springfield, Mass., a 20 year old man was electrocuted by a power line that had collapsed under strong winds and snow weighed down by the water. There was also a victim of the road in Connecticut.

Communities States Mid Atlantic were the hardest hit by the heavy snowfall, especially in eastern Pennsylvania, said a spokesman for the National Weather Service of the United States, Chris Vaccaro .

The authorities of the States of New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts have declared an emergency while the governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo, did the same in 13 counties of the state.

Some towns near the border separating Maryland from Pennsylvania received 25 inches of snow. Central Park in New York, a record for the month of October with a little over three inches of snow by mid afternoon.

More than 2.3 million customers were without power in northern Maryland to Massachusetts, suppliers have announced that they sent teams of other states to help restore services.

Half a million homes in New Jersey have suffered the same fate, including Governor Chris Christie, and a similar number of users have been plunged into darkness in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.