Open Question: Azithromycin for Chlamydia?

I saw the doctor and had the test about a week ago. It showed that I got Chlamydia. I was given 1G of Azithromycin (totally 4 tablets) for a single does 7 days ago and I took it. I didn't feel there's any improvement the first 3 days after I took. From the 4th day, I started feeling better. Right after I woke up, I went to the washroom, I still felt some burning and itchy inside the tip of my penis but definitely got better than before. After the first pee in the morning, I usually didn't feel anything when I went pee the other time of the day. However, it's the 7th day today after I took the pills. This morning, I still felt little burning and itchy, pretty the same as yesterday. I am wondering if this is normal? Does it mean I still have the virus? Or, the virus has been killed but the burning and itchy feeling would still lasts for a certain period even after the virus has been gone? Please advise. Thanks. P.S. the doctor told me to have a re-check in a month after I took the pills.