Open Question: pleeeease answer, !? about tonsilittis?

ok, so i ave had tonsillitis before when i was like 13 14, and it had white stuff, and I wasnt really sick, just hurt to swallow, now im 20 and thurday i went out, and it hit me like a bus, I was sore in the throat, and i couldnt swallow, and I was cold, then warm, fever, everything, I went to a walk in clinic, and she told me everything i was decribing was tonsillitis, but there was no white stuff this time, is it normal? she gave me antibiotics to cure it, and said if its not gone by monday, go to my family doctor, so its now sunday and it doesnt hurt as much, and the swellling is ok, but it still hurts alittle to swallow, what should i do? ans was she right, or could it be something else, just a sore throat, mono?