Open Question: Thrush, HIV, and stress?

Hi guys. I have some questions about oral and vaginal thrush and HIV, and stress. Recently, I had a sexual relationship with a person who gave me trichomoniasis. I went to the dotor when I started experiencing symptoms, and they gave me strong antibiotics called Flagyl to clear it up. I was supposed to take four pills of Flagyl in one single dose. I didn't understan my instructions, and I took one per day for four days. None of my symptoms of trich were gone until the fourth day (the burning urination stopped). But the itching persisted. So I went back to the doctor, thinking I still had trichomoniasis, but she said I didn't. She said I developed a yeast infection due to the antibiotics, and she gave me generic Diflucan to take orally. But, then I started developing angular cheilitis and oral thrush symptoms. So, I went back to the doctor (these are all different doctors, btw), and she told me I had oral thrush due to the antibiotics and gave me an oral rinse. I haven't really started the oral rinse because I feel like the oral diflucan is helping my oral thrush a lot, but the oral diflucan is NOT helping my yeast infection much at all. It isn't so intense, but it's really not going away. Oral Diflucan is supposed to be a one dose pill, but she gave me three pills for some reason and told me to take one every 72 hours. I have taken two so far and I am not feeling too much relief from symptoms. So, how does this tie into HIV and stress? Well, I know that oral and vaginal thrush are HIV symptoms. I get yeast infections allllll the time, and I have always tested HIV negative, but normally I use vaginal suppositories and the yeast infections go away. The only time I ever had a yeast infection that persisted like this was when I was in Germany and the yeast infection medication there is in the form of a pill you insert into your vagina. It didn't work. But I figured DIflucan pills would work. Maybe I just need to wait for the third pill, but I've also taken antibiotics before and never developed oral thrush. I don't know. Anyway, I took an HIV test, and I tested negative, which is a big indication that my symptoms have nothing to do with HIV, HOWEVER, my HIV test was 9-3 weeks after my sexual relationship ended. That means that it was nine weeks from the first time we slept together and about 3 weeks after the last, which isn't truly enough time to get conclusive results. I went on an HIV+ online forum, and the people there told me that tests taken at 6 weeks are generally accurate, but you should test 13 weeks after the last sexual contact. That leaves me with about another 10 weeks to go before I have a truly conclusive result for my HIV test. Meanwhile, this whole thing has me under a level of stress that I have never experienced in my life. It's literally CRIPPLING stress. I have no IDEA how to cope with this or how to handle this because I made a mistake. I've never had an STI before, and I trusted my partner. On top of that, I've never worried THIS MUCH about having HIV because I have always been fairly safe and I've been tested. Now I'm HORRIFIED and I don't know what to do. This "ministry of health" websites indicates that you can have a fairly conclusive OraQuick test result at 2-4 weeks after potential exposure: Other websites also suggest an OraQuick Advance test is fairly reliable at 3-4 weeks. Should I rest my fears of HIV and attribute this whole thing to the mondo mega super ultra stress I'm feeling? I need some advice.