Open Question: laziness as a medical condition?

laziness has affected everything in my life in a huge way. i'm a nineteen y/o girl and i dropped out of school in grade 10 because i didn't want to get out of bed because i was legit tired all the time and i didn't want to go through the process. so i've been doing whatever i want since, and i'm just destroying myself. i'm not arrogant, but i'm above average in attractiveness and i was in gifted classes before i dropped out, it just makes me think it's such a waste. even really small tasks i struggle with and reward myself on. the worst part is that i have such energy in my mind when i think about things that make me happy or things i would like to accomplish but i feel too drained to attempt fixing my life at this point and wouldn't even know how to begin. how do you overcome chronic laziness, especially when there is no one around to motivate you or stop you from being really unproductive?