Open Question: Can someone please help me the doctors are really stuck?

I'm 12 years old and i went to my friends swimming party yesterday i was swimming and i banged my head off the wall really hard it only hurt for a short time about an hour later we all played hide and seek in her garden i hid in a bush i remember sitting down on the floor under the bush and the next thing I know people are saying my name in a worried voice and i'm being carried to my friends car by her dad. Her dad was running to the car with me in his arms i asked if someone was hurt and her dad said lizzie(thats my name) its u we're taking you strate to the hospital i asked why and apparently they were all trying to find me then her dad found me under the bush he thought i was just sleeping but when he tried to wake me up he realised that I had passed out and then he picked me up and was running with me in his arms towards the car thats wen i woke up i manged to pursuade him that i was fine and told him i could still stay for a sleepover he reluctantly said ok during the night my friends dad came to check i was ok he saw that i was pale and when he tried to wake me up he realised that I had passed out again he rushed me to the car again lay me across the back seats and putt a blanket over me i woke up and and started screaming because i couldnt reember who her dad was and i thought i was bein kidnapped he explained to me what had happened he asked me if i felt alright i told him i just started to feel dizzy and then i noticed i was sluring my letters then we arrived at the hospital he helped me out the car and as soon as i stood up i collapsed to the floor and hit my head again i woke up like 10 mins ago in a hospital bed with a lot of doctors rushing around me right now im sittting in a hospital bed with the doctors confused about whats wrong with me if u hav any clue or even just a guess of wat could be wrong with me please answer this question and soon.