Open Question: Could HIV be transmitted this way?

This is a long story but please bear with me. Two months ago I had my weekly grocery shop delivered to my home by a very famous UK supermarket, the lady who delivered cam eto my front door and said "oh it appears they haven't pu your shopping in bags as you requested, I will put it in for you" she then proceeded to pack my shopping, she then noticed that she had cut her hand and said "I cut my hand, I must have done it on my van, oh I've bled on your shopping now". In hindsight I should of sent it back, but she was a nice lady and I didn't want to cause a scene, but there was blood on some of my shopping. My husband filled the washing up bowl with soapy water and dipped each item in the water. I know that nothing in my cupboards could possibly still be contaminated (if the lady was HIV positive), but I did put some things in the freezer and I have read that frozen blood can help to keep HIV positive blood alive, and that once it defrosts it is still contaminated. I tried to get something out tonight and as I pulled on the freezer drawer ice sprayed out on me, can it still be contaminated?