99 percent Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street's "99 percent" got a boost Wednesday as students and unions joined the protesters, The Associated Press reported.
99 percent Occupy Wall Street
Tax Wall Street,” said Karen Higgins of Boston, co-president of the nurses' union, who joined the protest. The Canadian culture-jamming magazine, Adbusters, sent word to on-the-ground Manhattan organizers that, starting Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, for several months, 20,000 people should set up camp and occupy Wall Street.

99 percent Occupy Wall Street

The Manhattan protestors marched on Wall Street, occupying New York's financial district. Eyewitness and Occupy Wall Street participant, Ryan, excited by the potential of this massive protest, organized by consensus decision-making, drove cross country to the Occupy San Francisco sister protest. Crowds grow daily. Roseanne Barr, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore and Cornell West appeared in the park and on occupiers live stream videos posted on their daily blog.
99 percent Occupy Wall Street

Wall Street Occupiers are ever-aware of Tahrir Square, while sympathy occupations happen globally.

99 percent Occupy Wall Street

On Saturday, Sept. 17, “People tried to occupy the Federal Building and 555 California Bank of America.” The growing band of occupiers became honored participants at a Make Banks Pay rally marching angrily down Market Street on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011, to banks along the way.
99 percent Occupy Wall Street

“I am a broke, unemployed 'drone' with Occupy San Francisco, a grassroots movement.” Supervisor, John Avalos, Mayoral candidate launched the protest, nodding toward the Bank of America skyscraper.

“You strong, union, community, small business people fighting back give me hope.”

Avalos reported Bank of America and Wells Fargo each hold 3 billion dollars of San Francisco's 6.8 billion dollar budget. We could leverage that to build our local economy,” support small businesses and property owners, create more services, and build more houses.

To resounding cheers, he called, “Can we create our own municipal bank in San Francisco? We bailed the banks out!” “The People United Will Never Be Divided!” thousands of marchers stormed Market street banks, massing before police lines outside Charles Schwab and Citibank doors. Unemployed Tom Komita trudged down Market. Someone pointed out “these arrogant people up there!” Erica from Ukiah camps with Occupy SF in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, “so the One Percent (won't) hold onto all the money of the 99 Percent anymore. If we join together little by little, the One Percent will have to pay attention to the 99 Percent. We are the people, and we are that 99 Percent.”

Erica reported San Francisco occupiers have been gathering for regular 6:00 meetings in Justin Herman Plaza. Amidst all the talks of austerity and entitlement, millions of Americans have suffered silently and valiantly — until Occupy Wall Street began.

With incredible candor, people are posting their stories in excruciating detail, the kind of detail that makes your heart pinch in agony.

This collective story-telling has transformed a protest into a movement. Too many Americans live this truth every day, and Occupy Wall Street is a wake-up call that resonates across the country.

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