Apples harm teeth

Eating acidic foods, such as apples, can be four times more dangerous to teeth than sodas. This conclusion came a group of scientists headed by Professor David Bartlett from the Royal Dental Institute (UK).

Experts have verified there is a link between nutrition and dental wear a thousand-plus men and women aged 18 to 30 years. Attention was paid to the damage of a 2-mm surface of the enamel and dentin, the main supporting structure of the tooth under the enamel, the results were compared with the structure of meals for the participants.

It turned out that the fans of apples is 3.7 times more risk of other damage dentin, while at the additional risk of aeration fans were not. Fruit juice is four times increased the likelihood of damage to the enamel of teeth near the gums, and lager (sour pale ale) - three times.

According to Professor Bartlett, teeth hurt slow chewing of apple in the mouth as hard and for long periods of time increases the level of acidity. On the contrary, beverages, which are all cursing (and for the cause), the rate of decay seems to have no effect. Scientists emphasize that the study results should not discourage people from eating fruits and fruit juices, because they are important for overall health. However, it must adhere to certain rules to help prevent erosion of the teeth: so, do not bite during the day acidic foods, it is better to use them in the main meals.

The results will be published in the edition of Journal of Dentistry.