"Dogs can smell the lung cancer '

Dogs can be trained to recognize the scent of lung cancer, long before the first symptoms appear. The smell of a person's breath would be enough to detect lung cancer. To this conclusion, researchers from the Schillerhoehe hospital in Germany.
The trained dogs (including an Australian Shepherd, a Labrador and a German Shepherd) got one hundred breath samples from people with lung cancer voorgschoteld, 71 cases of which they could smell the cancer. Do with the animals a lot better than the current chemical analysis methods. It can be read in the European Respiratory Journal.

Other odor
"The dogs we found that the breath of lung cancer patients smells different than people who do not have cancer," says Thorsten Walles, who led the study. "It is of course a disadvantage that the dogs can not tell us what exactly they perceive specific odors."

Better training
German scientists are convinced that the dogs can be trained better and faster and better cancer detection. The "test dog" for their studies they used were prepared in eleven weeks.

The aim of the study? Researchers like using the results to develop a device that, like the bloodhounds, cancer at an earlier stage can detect.