From the flu caught on yet only 1.5 percent kirovchan

In the Kirov region in full swing vaccination campaign. As of October 11 vaccinated against influenza has almost 21 000 kirovchan. Thus a total of influenza in the plan to plant 250 000.

By the way, children and adults vaccinated by different vaccines. For example, small children are vaccinated the vaccine "Grippol plus", which entered the area last week. And the "child" is not received the vaccine in its entirety. In the region it is only 40.9% or 28 160 doses of the claimed amount to 68 930 doses. Adults also residents of the Kirov region can be quiet. They prishlo181 170 doses of vaccine, "Grippol", which fully complies with the requested parameters.

By the way, despite the fact that last week, the epidemic threshold has been exceeded in Kirov by 7.5 percent, while in 7800 there were patients with SARS, patients with influenza in the region yet.

Methods of non-specific prophylaxis of influenza:

1. Diet:
In the daily diet include foods rich in vitamins - it's a variety of vegetables, fruits, berries and products containing volatile - onions, garlic. It is also necessary that the body received a sufficient amount of protein (milk products, cheese, beans), essential for immunity.
Do not forget about the regular use of the autumn-spring period, a multivitamin-mineral formulas.

2. Herbal:
- Echinacea tincture, an extract of Eleutherococcus
- Tincture of Aralia, ginseng, magnolia
- Syrup of licorice root, herbal teas oregano, St. John's wort
- Honey and pollen, propolis

3. Homeopathic remedies:
Anaferon, Engistol, Girel, "Agree", Oscillococcinum, Aflubin, Grippaks

4. Antiviral drugs:
- The human leukocyte interferon or Grippferon (nasal drops)
- In tablets: arbidol, rimantadine, amiksin, lavomaks, Kagotsel
Regimens should be specified in the instructions on the drug!