Introduction Benign prostatic hyperplasia

The doctor calls the benign enlargement of the prostate usually BPH: benign prostatic hyperplasia. Here, almost every man ever to do, but not everyone is bothered. Least 30% of all men have such a magnification that he will suffer from.

BPH is a normal phenomenon of aging should be. Because the prostate around the urethra is, chances are that the prostatic urethra as he pushes more and continues to grow. It then becomes difficult to urine from the bladder comes from the urethra to compress. So naturally you notice whether you are affected. The urine is less powerful and it takes some time before the lake comes out. And then when it comes out, it takes a long time you're peeing out because it's just a trickle or drip goes.

And just when you've been then you sometimes within the hour again. Very annoying if, for example in the car or if for some other reason can not immediately find a bathroom. The bladder muscle should now work harder to squeeze out all the urine. Sometimes it not the great resistance of the enlarged prostate and then there is urine in the bladder (which is called a residue). Without treatment, this later caused a bladder infection and you can even get kidney problems.
All complaints at a glance

# The urine is less powerful and sometimes dropping it but what

# It takes a while before the first lake is

# Short succession to urinate and a little puddle of urine

# Dribble, sometimes even a few drops in your pants

# Feeling that the bladder is not empty (residual feeling)

# Sometimes a burning sensation during urination

# Difficult to keep the pool, sometimes not

# At night several times to get out of bed to pee
The normal prostate size

The weight or size (volume) of the prostate can be estimated by DRE (finger scan the prostate through the anus), respectively measured by transrectal ultrasound (sound waves research through the anus). The prostate size is expressed in grams (g) or milliliters (ml), which equated to 1 gram of a milliliter. By introducing the ultrasound measurements, we speak about the growing trend ml. size as the size of the prostate. In the picture is the normal growth of the prostate appears.