Lung Cancer Tips

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers for men and women. The combination of breast, colon and prostate cancer can not be equal to the number of people who die annually from lung cancer. The more you know about this deadly disease, the better your chances of prevention.


Because lung cancer is a disease that over time has rarely affects people under the age of 45 years.

We already know that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer.

Some of the things that are a little more in the foreground and contributing to the risk of lung cancer are: air pollution, arsenic in drinking water, radon gas, asbestos, coal products, gasoline and diesel exhaust.

Because some of these things, like breathing, a necessity, we have other precautionary and preventive measures, so the pollution, which we take to compensate for breathing.


If we start with the obvious occur, we know that smoking is. In this context, avoiding other people smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes.

There is evidence that increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables reduce lung cancer risk. This is associated with regular exercise, which also lower the risk of this cancer.

There is evidence that curcumin and beta-carotene supplements to neutralize cancer cells. Green Tea and Vitamin C can also help in this area is the reason for all these additions, or anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidants. Many of these supplements are available in health food stores and even local supermarkets. You want to pay attention to quality, high volume, low-cost additions rarely found in discount stores offer no benefits. Unfortunately, our food supply diminished in nutrients and you just can not eat enough of them to the protection you need. You might hydrated fruit and vegetable powder to try these supplements labeled as organic and mix well with fruit juices and cereals.

Of course you should always consult your doctor about any changes that you make about your health program. There are both medical doctors and holistic level, if you are lucky enough to find a Dr. that practices are two disciplines, then by all means about what you take.

Because we live in a society where the pollutants and toxins to live at a high level, we still need more education about the causes and prevention.