In some areas of the lung IJmond is more common than average in the region. That would in part be due to the emission of carcinogenic substances from steel group Corus. This is the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM) announced Thursday. The RIVM has requested Minister Jacqueline Cramer (Health) research. Unrest in the region was caused by a television broadcast of ZEMBLA, "The poison of Corus' in which a link between the emissions of Corus and an increased risk of cancer in the IJmond. A previous study showed GGD even in that direction.

The RIVM is the higher incidence of lung cancer is largely attributable to the former smoking habits of the inhabitants of the area. A small portion may be attributable to the earlier release of carcinogens by Corus, is not completely sure. The extra lung cancers, according to the RIVM have other causes, such as occupational exposure or other sources of air pollution in the IJmond.

In response says the village council of Wijk aan Zee, "The village council believes that the RIVM, within this limited time and opportunities, a thorough investigation has taken place. The findings indicate that the IJmond unfortunately a heavily loaded area, with on to related health problems. Especially the upward trend in the prevalence of respiratory diseases (including COPD) near Corus reveals the village council concerned. Emissions of toxic substances such as dioxins and heavy metals (bound to particulate matter) has in recent years is also an increasing . Measures such as installing fabric filters at Corus, according to the village council therefore essential. As measures against air pollution from shipping and aviation, traffic and other polluting sources.

The RIVM study shows that in the IJmond above average mortality from lung cancer occurs. Part of the additional lung cancer victims would be possible to assign to the perceived extremes Smoking in IJmond. Here, more than in the rest of the Netherlands to smoke. It seems the village council is not an obvious explanation for the extra lung cancer victims. The results of the RIVM study also takes into account all the smoking behavior (based on socioeconomic status). After this correction is certainly approximately 20% (7 out of 39 deaths) of lung cancer victims to be related to pollution sources such as Corus.
The village council believes that the IJmond indeed, smoking is: because we smoke with Corus, shipping and aviation. "

Nature and Environment Foundation is delighted that Corus now fast action plans to implement emissions by 40 percent to bring back. But the measures are a little late. Last year, Nature and Environment has insisted on reducing the release of toxins. When Corus did not belong. Waiting for the application of fabric filters known until after 2012, according to Nature and Environment unnecessary and irresponsible.

On 10 November, a meeting of the Council of State held in the procedure called when a fabric filter must be installed.