No relationship between marijuana and lung cancer

It's official marijuana smoke get lung NO. In a large scale study has shown that people with more than 22,000 times geblowed had even less often developed lung cancer. This is also the often-heard theory that smoking cannabis would be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes because the smoke is inhaled deeper, from the table. As a possible mechanism for the protective effect, contributing to the researchers that THC kills aging cells before the cancer cells.
However, again the link between tobacco smoking and lung cancer proved. Your editor raises the hypothesis that many blowers with their marijuana smoke less tobacco and therefore even less likely to walk than longkaker could moderate the blowers. Emphysema is not investigated. Men researchers work to do.
In any case it is clear that lung cancer is no longer an argument in the pressure on the tolerance policy is carried out by the CDA. Christians who smoke marijuana the devil see, at most a moral way out in the fact that the David Geffen School of Medicine who did the study, named after and sponsored by a rock and roll record boss.