The scale has 30 million monthly access for PC video sites, Hulu first month estimated 1.6 million people

Video Research Interactive, October 17, 2011, announced the findings of the trends in video distribution sites for computer access.

Estimated number of visits per month for the entire 13 months recent video distribution sites that target aggregation, the width of the people remained at 10000-29002500 since September 2010 and August 2011 had reached 30 million. Estimated number of visits in September 2011 million people in 2922, and has expanded year on year increase of 15%. In addition, the average monthly time spent per visitor in September video distribution sites, which was two hours four minutes 13 percent increase over last year. Tends to increase both the amount of time users and consumers. Note that "Hulu" service in first month (September), the estimated number of visitors was 160,000.

Looking at the average monthly time spent active and demographic reach by September 2011, has tended to use active layer, especially in teenagers aged 13-19 in both sexes. Layer and the other men aged 20-34, by occupation was a result in long average time spent in college. Compared with the situation across the Web at a site visit by time of day in September, video distribution, while active during 21-23 units, especially in the morning hours tended not brisk.

Looking at the situation of each user terminal to access the cell phone, i contacted the site in August 2011 Video by mode-rate, 36%, the average monthly time spent per visitor was 1 hour 39 minutes. Utilization of the site at least once a month on a smartphone video streaming applications was also 37% (being the aggregate of service study and different PCs. Survey-based ones).